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Killian's tide

Killian & Anya
Killian & Anya

She was the girlfriend of Killian and daughter of one the respected politicians of the Blue. She often failed to maintain an understanding with her father for the methods he used but loved him all the same. It would be this exact reason that Anya broke up with Killian. At first they were happy together and living their life, but the humans held a nuclear test in the sea and without knowledge of the Blue living there they destroyed an entire city. This enraged Killian and he took it upon himself to attack the humans in return for what they had done.

At first Anya agreed with Killian and helped him but it turned out Killian killed humans and became more ruthless. Anya disagreed with Killian so they broke up and went their own way. Sear, Killian's brother and Cannon Hawke approached Anya to ask her for her help to bring Killian down. At first she had her doubts but later agreed to help, she went back to Killian and betrayed him. Killian managed to escape but his ship got blown up during the chase and was presumed death. But Anya knew better as she went home, two pieces from his hair laid in her room, so she would know he was still alive. Her father was discovered as the one who supplied Killian with weapons and because if this she was shamed as well. But her father did everything he could to keep her out of the spotlights, to show her his life for her.

Years after the death of Killian's brother, he and Anya are back together once again and raised Kiani, their first child. Kiani later thought her parents died in an underwater city, but was orphaned by Casque. Anya's daughter grew up to become an Elite Blue warrior just like her father, Killian. Anya and Killian also had their second child named Anika.


Anya is just like any other Blue, she can live underwater but also on the surface, she has the ability to turn her body completely into water.

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