Anvil Chancellor

    Character » Anvil Chancellor appears in 3 issues.

    Chancellor of a prison on Annoval 14.

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    He is a chancellor of the toughest penal colony known as The Anvil on planet Annoval 14. As Chancellor, he is very harsh on all prisoners, as they are expected to behave and follow all orders. He carries an electrical staff to promote cooperation. He personally inducts all new prisoners in himself. He is also well informed about criminal activity across the galaxy.

    The Silver Surfer has saved him when he was just an young cadet in war on Epuus 7. Stipe's entire unit was massacred. In official reports it stated that he was knocked unconscious and ignored but in reality he had deserted and hid in fear. After this incident is when he received many promotions and came to be where he is today. The Surfer used this as a bargaining chip when he needed access to one of the prisoners to help Jack of Hearts.

    The pirate Nebula was brought to the prison by her first officer Geatar. Geatar asked for a job with the prison but when the Chancellor turned his back he took his staff and took him hostage. Together they forced him to release their crew. They threatened to kill him when the Surfer became involved, and he backed down.

    The Chancellor was forced to make an announcement telling all of the guards to leave the prison. Nebula cut off his right hand to gain access to the weapons cache for her crew, as his fingerprints opened all doors. They all went to the loading dock and prepared to take the largest ship available. Nebula was going to take the Chancellor with her, but the Surfer said she had done enough and to take him instead. She agreed but the ship doors opened, revealing the new and improved Jack of Hearts.

    Overwhelmed, Nebula and Geatar escaped, killing all of their crew in the process. Jack of Hearts shielded the Chancellor from death. The Chancellor vowed to capture them.


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