Character » Anung-Ite appears in 5 issues.

    Anung-Ite was mutated by magic into a four-armed creature.

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    Aung-Ite was a powerful Native American spirit known to the Keewazi Indians. Manipulated by Carlton Beatrice using totemic objects, it was sent to battle She-Hulk to retrieve a sacred Keewazi basket, but it was defeated by her before completing its task.

    Blackmailing She-Hulk for the basket, Beatrice took the soul of Wyatt Wingfoot in order to blackmail her into surrendering the basket. Giving in, She-Hulk handed over the basket and Beatrice used it to take over the minds of everyone in the world. He sent Anung-Ite to stall her as he completed the rituals, but She-Hulk and Wingfoot joined forces in a ritual to remove Beatrice's powers. Defeated, Beatrice lost his power over Anung-Ite as it deserted him and fled back to its realm.

    Darryl Licht was transformed into the Anung-Ite by Ba’al. Every time Licht used the power of the Anung-Ite, the energies paved the way for Ba'al's transport to Earth. Licht lost his powers in a fight with Blaze and Warpath.


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