Character » Anubis appears in 16 issues.

    Member of the Dogpound. Fought Blue Beetle and later, the JSA.

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    After the death of the second Hellhound, a dog-like humanoid and the cousin of the second Hellhound held a match, described as a title match, in order to have the right to use the name Hellhound. The fight was interrupted by Blue Beetle, who told them to come up with their own identities and suggested the names Anubis, (cause he looked the part and the fact it was name of a god of death) and Devil Dog.

    Anubis, changing from street clothes to a more "ancient Egyptian" theme costume, was robbing a bank along with Devil Dog, which was interrupted by thugs, hired by Dr. Polaris, who were fighting both the Blue Beetle and the Teen Titans, which lead the two going to jail again, all the while Anubis considered Dogpound's name was "Global Ultra Society of Dread."

    Power and Abilities.

    Anubis, although is named after the Egyptian God of the Dead, is not "officially" affiliated with him in a way. He just used the name because Blue Beetle thought it would be something he could use.

    Anubis has shown at least two powers outside of being a "werewolf" like creature. He is able to levitate and fly distances, as well as having some sort of laser vision.

    It is rather unclear who Anubis is really is, or what is the source of his powers.


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