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    Antony Johnston is a British writer best known for his post-apocalyptic western, Wasteland.

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    After beginning his career as a graphic designer, Antony Johnston would eventually find his way into the field of comics and graphic novels as a founding member of There he would edit comic adaptations of prose and literary works. Eventually he himself wrote authorised adaptations of original works by Alan Moore for Avatar Press.

    Antony has also penned numerous novels, starting with the horror story Frightening Curves, which won Best Horror at Book Expo America in 2000. Later in his career he began to publish more original works through independent comics publishers. This includes the ongoing post-apocalyptic epic Wasteland for Oni Press (illustrated by Christopher Mitten) and the sci-fi horror limited series Dead Space for Image Comics (drawn by Ben Templesmith).

    Recently, Antony has joined writer and friend Andy Diggle as co-writer on Marvel's Daredevil. He will also write the up-coming Shadowland: Blood on the Streets limited series which ties into the events of Shadowland, a Marvel event inspired by the current Daredevil story-arc by Diggle and Johnston.


    In addition to his award for Frightening Curves, Antony Johnston's Wasteland has been nominated for both a Harvey Award (for Best New Series), and an Eagle Award (Favourite Black & White Series).


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