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    A hospital surgeon that developed powers during a phenomenon called "The White Event". His power is to create a visible astral body which normally manifests in times of emotional stress.

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    New Universe

    After the White Event medical intern Randy O'Brien found himself developing strange powers. While on duty at the Winnebago County General Hospital, O'Brien met David Landers, who had also gained powers from the White Event. He could project an astral body which he could command it. Besides he could reliving what just happened only from another point of view.

    The two made their way to The Clinic for Paranormal Research to begin treatment. While being treated O'Brien became suspicious of the clinic's methods and goals. When O'Brien was targeted by the clinic staff for his resistance Landers and the rest of their treatment group fled the clinic with him. The clinic referred to their group as D.P. 7.

    The clinic eventually sent mercenaries after the group, capturing all of them except for Landers. O'Brien, along with the other captured members of the group, were then put through a regiment of extensive brainwashing. O'Brien was one of only two members able to resist the mental conditioning, which led to him being kept in an induced coma for an extended time.

    Eventually Landers was captured, but after being forcibly returned to the clinic he freed himself and O'Brien, and the two defeated the staff responsible for the darker aspects of the clinic's agenda.

    O'Brien, and the rest of the group, then stayed on at the clinic, in an effort to help it live up to it's promise as a safe haven for paranormals. O'Brien became a member of the clinic's medical team, and a pivotal player in keeping the clinic functioning.

    The period at the clinic ended when O'Brien and other members of the DP7 left in an effort to find Jeff Walters, a group member who had fled in hysterics to Pittsburg in order to look for his family after the city was destroyed by the Starbrand.

    In their effort to rescue Walters the group encountered and fought the military, scavengers and Jenny Swensen in the Spitfire armor. During this time all of O'Brien's energy duplicats, called Antibodies, were destroyed, apparently leaving him powerless. Afterwards O'Brien and the other male members of the group were captured by the military and drafted.

    Due to his apparent lack of powers O'Brien was placed in a medical unit. Eventually O'Brien was able to generate new Antibodies and was transferred into the paranormal unit.

    When Landers was sent on a suicide mission O'Brien went AWOL in order to help him. The two survived and went into hiding in New York City. The experience left O'Brien trapped in the body of one of his Antibodies.

    In New York Landers and O'Brien were reunited with other former members of their group, in addition to a number of other paranormals who had settled in the city.

    The original New Universe series ended with Landers and the rest of the group settling into a relatively stable lifestyle in New York City, with O'Brien taking advantage of his ability to fly to work as a private courier.

    Post New Universe



    Randy has the ability to generate "Antibodies," flying energy forms of unknown composition.

    Randy's Anti-Bodies goes through several changes during the course of the comic. At first he only creates one, then several. After exposure to "The Pitt" (mutagenic material from the ruins of Pittsburgh in the wake of the Black Event) he becomes permanently stuck inside one of his own Anti-Bodies (and thus able to fly himself), but continues to generate smaller copies of the Anti-Bodies. The Antibodies are mute, but can transfer images they've seen to others through physical contact. The antibodies can become intangible at will, and are resistant to mental attack. The Antibodies generally obey O'Brien's verbal orders, but also display a certain amount of individual personality and free will. For example, they can function while O'Brien is asleep or unconscious, or at a distance from him, and have occasionally acted in direct defiance of his wishes. The antibodies seem to have limited intelligence, able to understand some information and make certain decisions, but with clear limits.

    Originally all of the antibodies are humanoid in shape and have roughly the same size and strength as O'Brien. When O'Brien is able to generate multiple full-sized antibodies they are able to merge together for superhuman strength and damage resistance. When O'Brien is trapped inside an Antibody, it allows him to fly and protects him from mental attacks. O'Brien's mini-Antibodies (a few inches in height) have limited strength (several together are seen able to carry a rifle).


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