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Brief History

An evil counterpart of Vision from Earth-932. A member of the Gatherers, till he betrayed the Protector to the Avengers to save his own hide. The Protector would later cut the Anti-Vision in half for his betrayal, but would return to taunt the mainstream Vision.

Powers & Abilities:

Similar to the standard Vision of the mainstream 616 universe, Vision 932 is a synthesized being. This "Evil" Vision had exhibited the same powerset of standard Vision including:

  • Density Control. The refined ability to become lighter than air, as dense (and if not more so) than Diamond.
  • Phasing: the ability to phase parts of his structure through organic and inorganic material alike without many restrictions.
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Strength (roughly 80 tons). However this incarnation does not have any particular showings in lieu of strength as his 616 counterpart does, so it is speculation on what his exact levels may or may not be.
  • Energy Projection. From his stored reserves in the jewel on his forehead as well as eye beams.

*Important Note

It has been stated that this version is an evil version of the Vision. It should be noted that this is a very relevant aspect of this character. He has displayed severely delinquent behavior and taken obvious pleasure in the pain and discomfort of others. He has also shown much more emotion than 616 Vision, especially in the range of cruelty.

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