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Conner Sims was a soldier in the US Military.  Due to an army experiment exploding, he and his best friend, Adam Brashear (Blue Marvel), were granted amazing powers. Conner became an unstable source of anti-matter, and this instability made it impossible for him to remain within the realm of existence for long. The combination of his powers, losing his brother and seeing his friend Adam being discriminated against caused Conner's mind to fracture. Conner and Adam were more like brothers than friends, they were each others' godparent for their children, and Conner fought bigots that mistreated Adam. June 4th, 1962, was the date of the beginning of the end of Adam, the Blue Marvel's super hero career at the hands of Anti-Man. The brutal battle revealed Adam's true colors -- literally. Anti-Man had inadvertently caused portions of the Blue Marvel's suit to be torn away, revealing his dark skin. That June battle claimed Adam's career and had ended Conner's life -- or so Adam and the rest of the world thought.   


Anti-man is a Marvel comics character created by Kevin Grevioux and Mat Broome. He first appears in Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel #1.

Major Story Arcs

Return of the Anti-Man

Anti-Man returned with the same intentions as before but now his powers had grown exponentially. During his first reappearance, Conner single-handedly defeated the Avengers whom consisted of Wasp, Hank Pym (actually a Skrull infiltrator), Wonder Man, Ares , Iron Man and Sentry. Luckily for the Avengers, Conner was unable to stay long, but after his disappearance the Avengers began their search for the Blue Marvel.

After researching, convincing, planning and waiting, the Blue Marvel and Mighty Avengers were ready for Anti-Man's inevitable return. Prior to Conner's return, anti-matter storms began to appear across the world, destroying cities and killing many civilians. Anti-Man finally returns attempting once again cleanse the world. He believes the world has forced him to judge because he does not think his ideal world of equality is possible. Instead of giving the world Heaven, Conner gives them Hell. Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man are armed with weapons designed to affect Anti-Man's unstable molecular structure but they and the others only seem to slow him down. The battle takes a dramatic turn when Adam arrives on scene.

Adam commands his allies to certain tasks to help him create a cyclone in order to create a particle accelerator to dispel Conner. Anti-Man, now at a more equal level with Adam, takes the fight to the the sky so Adam can sync powers with Conner to finally defeat him. Their battle continues to climb and Adam reveals how he pities Conner, and forgives him then proceeds to "release" Conner, killing him for good. 

Powers and Abilities

Anti-man possesses extreme levels of strength, durability and speed. His great power came at a cost though. His sanity. A living anti-matter reactor, albeit an unstable one, it affected his mental health and gave Conner delusions of grandeur. He proved a formidable foe, capable of challenging and beating the Avengers team at the time of his return and his best friend turned enemy Blue Marvel.

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