Anti-Green Lantern Corps

    Team » Anti-Green Lantern Corps appears in 6 issues.

    They were developed by the Weaponers of Qward. They were created to invade the positive matter universe using power rings of black light.

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    The Anti-Green Lantern Corps were created by the Qwardians to be their best weapon against the Green Lantern Corps. Taking a century to make, the rings, required such great willpower from their wearer that had to have their brain enhanced. Due to this, the wearer burns out after their ring charge is depleted after twenty-four Earth hours, killing them. Due to this defect, the Qwardians captured Hal Jordan, who had defected from the Green Lantern Corps, so they could take his ring to reverse engineer it. In exchange for the willing exchange of Hal's ring, the Qwardians were going to spare the Earth from destruction.

    Hal refused, escaping into the depths of Qward, eventually finding the Anti-Green Lantern Central Power Battery. There, the Anti-Green Lantern Corps attacked him, revealing that their rings can absorb Green Lantern energy. With nothing to lose, the Anti-Green Lanterns attacked savagely, causing Hal to retreat. The Green Lantern Arisia eventually came to his aid. Hal revealed that he was secretly undercover for the Guardians, having gone undercover to destroy the Anti-Green Lantern Corps before they could strike at Oa.

    Shortly after this, Hal and Arisia are attacked by Qwardian St'nlli, who is unphased by Lantern energy and who can change positive matter to negative. Doing this to Hal, he turns Hal villainous. Hal attacks Arisia along with the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. Arisia is protected by the arriving Green Lantern Corps. The Lanterns defeat St'nlli, and fix Hal. Rather than attempt to defeat the Anti-Green Lanterns head on, the Green Lanterns break into the building housing the Central Power Battery and destroy it, rendering the Anti-Green Lantern Rings unpowered.


    The Anti-Green Lantern Corps wield Anti-Green Lantern Rings, which possess the powers of a regular Green Lantern Ring, but are also able to absorb Green Lantern energy.


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