Character » Anti-Being appears in 10 issues.

    An evil entity created from the negative energy of a millenia's worth of Mys-Tech's evil deeds. The Anti-Being seeks a way to exit the virtual world and enter the physical world

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    The Anti-Being roamed a virtual wasteland known as The Void feeding off negative energy, there he encountered The Scavengers, a group of twisted beings who similarly fed off negative energy, they attacked him, but were too weak to feed off him and instead began to follow him, feeding off scraps of negative energy he left behind. Soon MyS-Tech provided him with the means out of the virtual world in the form of a dark energy portal. As he neared the portal he was confronted by Dark Angel, but she was unable to stop him from entering the physical world where he encountered and was absorbed by Death's Head II. The Anti-Being briefly took control over Death's Head II's body, but in the end, he was ultimately imprisoned within the mind of Death's Head II by the multitude of personalities that have been absorbed by Death's Head II in the past.

    But the Anti-Being proved too powerful a force for Death's Head II to suppress, and it took possession of him once again. But with the help of the Encoders and the Wyrd-Sisters, Dark Angel was able to exorcise the Anti-Being from Death's Head II 's body and send it back to The Void.


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