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    Anthro is an Cro-Magnon boy whose greatest weapon is his quick mind and his ability to show compassion for an enemy.

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    Prehistoric Origins


    The dinosaurs had long since died off and Neanderthals were giving way to Cro-Magnon man. Societies were forming, people were coming together and times were moving forward without stop. Yet this was a world caught in the moment of change. The old existed side by side with the new, while resenting that its time was over. Into this world was born Anthro, the first Cro-Magnon boy whose Neanderthal father still firmly clutched the roots of the past.

    Anthro was the son of Ne-Ahn, a chief of the Bear Tribe. When Ne-Ahn married a woman from the Horse Tribe, the two of them were exiled. Ne-Ahn's wife gave him two children: Anthro and Lart. When Anthro's mother died, Ne-Ahn remarried Emba, and took both Emba and Emba's mother into his household. Together, the five of them became a family, and lived a nomadic life off the land. Ne-Ahn and Anthro would serve as the hunters of the family, bringing in fish or hunting animals.

    Embra spying on Anthro and Lart
    Embra spying on Anthro and Lart

    While hunting, Anthro discovered a beautiful girl swimming. Anthro would eventually discover that her name was Embra, and that she was of the same Horse Tribe as Anthro's mother. Anthro approached Embra's father, Chief Tugg of the Horse Tribe, to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. However, tribe law dictated that Tugg must marry off his elder daughter, Ita, first. Anthro ended up biding his time before he could ask for Embra's hand.

    Anthro and his family had many adventures. Anthro's brother, Lart, became lame in one leg after facing the Great Kano, a large prehistoric wolf. His family discovered a lost city of Katara, and nearly escaped with their lives. They also found the rest of the Bear Tribe, and were welcomed back into its fold by Ne-Ahn's brother Do-Ahn. Shortly after, Chief Tugg and the Horse Tribe merged with the Bear Tribe after his daughter Ita married a Bear Tribe member Grog. Aftewards, Anthro married Embra, though not without incident; another woman, Nima of the Bear Tribe, argued to be his wife as well.

    Doctor13: Architecture and Morality

    Doctor 13, Anthro, I..Vampire, Genius Jones, Infectious Lass, Captain Fear, the ghost of Jeb Stuart, and Julius of The Primate Patrol were able to justify their existence to the Architect's for their continued existence. The others minus 13 pursued Black Manta for kidnapping Captain Fear.

    Temporal Troubles

    Anthro, being the "first boy on Earth," served as a pivotal point in the timestream. Anthro's tribe went through a time portal during the Crisis on Infinite Earths into the 30th century Metropolis of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but returned home shortly after. An an alternate timeline, Anthro met the Silver Sorceress, until Waverider wiped that timeline from existence.

    Anthro was seen in the comic book series with Booster Gold; he was helping Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Booster Gold fight Maxwell Lord. He brain washed Superman to kill Booster Gold, Anthro, Green Arrow, and Hawkman. Anthro was killed by Superman's heat vision. In 2008 Final Crisis, Anthro was seen by Metron. He gave Anthro the light of fire to show his Bear Tribe the fire. He was the chosen one to help out in the Final Crisis. Anthro also saw Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. They both teamed up in battle during the Final Crisis. At the end of the Final Crisis #7 when all the worlds got rebuilt, Anthro is seen as a old man holding the torch in his hand. He dies of old age and the torch still lights up. Batman was the one who witnessed Anthro's death and he put his bat belt on his body and draws a bat with a rock store on the cave wall. In 2010 the series called The Return of Bruce Wayne, Anthro's son will be taking over his father's role and will teamed up with Bruce Wayne: Batman to fight the cavemen. Anthro's son was killed in the battle fighting Vandal Savage's Tribe. Batman protected Anthro's grandson in the battle. Anthro's grandson helped Batman to escape and jumped in the waterfall who he called Batman Man of Bats. Anthro's grandson got out of the water and Batman did not. He was sent in a different time line. Anthro's grandson will be taking over his grandfather's tribe wearing the necklace to honer his grandfather Anthro.

    DCU Christmas Special 2010

    In the Prehistoric Age Anthro and his father go to perform the False Hunt Ritual for the winter Solace. He makes his son Lart stay home but promises to bring him home a reward if he is good. While looking for the spot to preform the ritual the two men are spoted by the Man-Eater Tribe. Anthro thinks fast and makes a bunch of snowmen with spears to confuse the Man-Eaters. Just as everything looks good Anthro and his father slide down a cliff side. There they find Lart who had killed a bear. Anthro is proud of his son and remembers he forgot a reward for the boy. Thinking quickly he gives him the piece of hide that contains the False Hunt Ritual. Lart is happy to recieve this Winter Solace gift.


    Height: 5' 2"

    Weight: 137 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Brown

    Anthro in Other Media

    Anthro was seen in the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon series in 2010. Anthro was riding a mammoth and fighting Krull the Conqueror to save his family and friends.


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