Anthony Marchetti

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    Gangster in Gotham City.

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    Born into a Gotham crime family, Tony Marchetti was the nephew of gangster Sallie Guzzo. Often working for Guzzo as a young man, Marchetti was the only other person present when Guzzo was gutted by the Joker. Remaining involved in low-level, non-costumed crime, Tony joined forces with fellow criminal Mr Zzz.


    Anthony Marchetti was created by Paul Dini and Don Kramer. He made his first appearance in Detective Comics #824.

    Major Story Arcs


    Marchetti and Mr Zzz kidnap card-counting magician Ivar Loxias and use him and a camera implanted in Mr Zzz's head to cheat the Penguin's newly-opened Iceberg Lounge out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are caught and stopped by Batman. Later, they attend Scarface's comeback party.

    House of Hush

    Marchetti picks up Judson Pierce, a former associate of his uncle who has recently been released from prison. He and Mr Zzz are roped into Pierce's vendetta against Bruce Wayne. He helps Pierce kidnap Wayne, actually Hush in disguise, and falls in with Hush when he takes over the group and twists their goals to meet his own. He helps to recruit Doctor Death and kidnap Jeffrey Carter. Later, he is attacked and brutally beaten into unconsciousness by Carter, who is actually Jane Doe in disguise. He survives the beating, and soon after is imprisoned alongside Pierce and Mr Zzz.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tony Marchetti has no known superhuman powers. He is a grifter and criminal of some skill and intelligence, and has unspecified experience with technology. He is quite small, standing about 4'9", and thus relies largely on Mr Zzz for physical backup.


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