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    Antares Draco is a member of the Imperial Knights. He is arrogant and views the Imperial Knights to be far superior to the Jedi.

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    There's no information about Antares Draco's childhood. Draco was an Imperial Knight around 130ABY and was trained by both his Emperor, Roan Fel, and Master Eshkar Niin. When the Empire went to war with The Galactic Republic, he was forbidden by his Emperor to partake in the war along with the other Imperial Knights. Instead, he served as a personal bodyguard for the Emperor.

    When the Sith Imperial War ended with the Galactic Republic defeat, Draco along with his fellow Imperial Knight Mohrgan Fel, accompanied the Emperor on Coruscant as Fel prepared for a meeting with the Imperial Moff Council. In his private chambers, The Director of Imperial Intelligence, Nyna Caliaxte revealed herself and warned the Emperor that the Sith Lord, Darth Krayt that Fel allied himself with in the war was planning to assassinate him.

    Draco advised his Emperor that she could not be trusted, but Fel instead, believed her. In order to deceive Darth Krayt, Mohragn volunteered to be the bodyguard of Fel's double along with other Imperial Knights to appear before the Moffs while Antares and the Emperor would make their escape off the planet. The ruse worked however, while Draco and the Emperor made their escape, they felt the deaths of their fellow Imperial Knights slain by Darth Krayt.

    Sometime before 137 ABY, Antares earned the title of Master and became the second-in-command of the Imperial Knights. It was also the time when Draco's former master, Eshkar Niin abandoned his vows and deserted. Draco was sent to kill him, but Niin decided to go after Emperor Fel's wife, Empress Elliah Fel.

    Confronting his former master, Draco watched as Niin struck down the Empress, and in retaliation, Draco mortally wounded him, leaving him to die. Unknown to him, Niin survived and became a Sith.


    Antares Draco was created by John Ostander and Jan Duursema.

    Character Evolution

    Antares is known to be very loyal to his Emperor Roan Fel. He also fell in love with the Emperor's daughter, Princess Marasiah Fel (or Sia as he affectionately called her). Draco is known to let his anger get the best of him due to his duty to serve the Emperor and his love for the princess.

    This proved to be his downfall, when his former master, Eshkar Niin, now known as Darth Havok took advantage of his anger and managed to defeat him in combat. After being rescued, Draco was somewhat shaken for failing both the Emperor and the princess for giving in to Darth Havok and revealing the secret location of the Hidden Jedi Temple.

    However, when it came down to following the Emperor to destroy Coruscant using a Sith weapon to end the war, Draco carried out his duty as an Imperial Knight, and unfortunately struck down his Emperor due to Fel falling to the Dark side.

    Major Story Arcs

    Draco was with the Emperor in exile when he took back the Imperial stronghold, Bastion. When word came that Princess Marasiah Fel was being pursed by the Sith, Antares immediately volunteered to rescue her however, Emperor Roan Fel would not approve it.

    Although Draco obeyed his Emperor at first, he and his friend Ganner Krieg decided to disobey him, and rescue the princess on the planet Vendaxa. When the two made their way to the location of the Princess, the Sith shot their ships down. Though the Sith expected one of the Imperial Knights to be the Emperor, both Draco and Krieg revealed themselves not to be and attacked the Sith. The two joined the to Jedi warriors, Shado Vao, Wolf Sazen, and Cade Skywalker's Mynock crew in defending the princess.

    Marasiah was angered by Draco's attempt to rescue her, knowing that her Father would not have approved of this mission, however, Draco confessed that he did it because he loved her.

    When Marasiah was wounded by a Sith warrior, Draco quickly rushed to her side, thinking that she was dead, but she whispered his name faintly. With that, Draco rushed her to the Skywalker's ship and insisted upon the Jedi heal her. As everyone rushed on the shuttle, Darth Talon made her way to the opening hatch of the Mynock as it was about to take off, but Draco Force-pushed her off. As they set a course to Bastion, the Jedi tried everything they could, but Princess Marasiah was dying.

    Knowing what his healing powers would do to him, Cade reluctantly, told Draco that he could heal her, but angrily, Draco punched him, nearly causing a fight between the Imperial Knights and the Jedi. Thanks Shado Vao's sister, Astraal help, she convinced Draco to allow Skywalker to heal her. With Skywalker's help, Princess Marasiah Fel escaped the grasp of death.

    After Skywalker's departure, Emperor Fel requested Antares and Ganner's presence. While the Emperor argued with the two for disobeying a direct order from him due to Draco's love for the princess, instead of punishing them, he instead gave the two medals.

    The Emperor didn't want their violation of his order to spread making him look bad, so instead, he "punished" them by making them heroes and were tasked with the Empire's most dangerous missions, starting with escorting Captain Mingo Bovark to the space station, The Wheel, a neutral area between both the Galactic Alliance and Empire during war, to negotiate with the Galactic Alliance to help overthrow Darth Krayt. Before the two departed, the Emperor whispered to Draco that he could forget about marrying his daughter.

    Negotiations didn't go as planed thanks to sabotage due to the Imperial Agent Morrigan Corde, causing Admiral Stazi to believe that the meeting was a setup. Both Draco and Krieg defend Captain Bovark as they made their escape however, when the administrator received word of what happened, he declared the wheel to be off-limits to the Empire.

    A few weeks later, Draco, along with Ganner accompanied Princess Marasiah to the Hidden Jedi Temple thanks to Azlyn Rae, a former Jedi, now Imperial Knight, who was posing as a bounty hunter and was following Cade Skywalker. The Princess was hoping to negotiate an alliance between the Empire and the Jedi Order. However, when they arrived on the hanger at the Hidden Temple, both Cade and his crew, along with Shado Vao and Wolf Sazen greeted the Imperial Knights as enemies, and engaged in a brief battle before the Princess told them that they only came to negotiate.

    Along with Cade Skywalker, the Imperial Knights were granted an audience with the Jedi Council. Draco listened as the Princess explained the situation about the her Father's innocence that he ordered the attack on the Jedi Temple on Ossus and that the Jedi and Empire should work together. He then listened to Skywalker's assassination plan to kill Darth Krayt. While the Jedi Council were a bit taken back by this method, Draco praised Skywalker's plan.

    While the Council ultimately did not support Skywalker's plan, he decided to carry it out anyway without their assistance however, Draco, Ganner, and Rae, under Marasiah orders went with him.

    As the group traveled to Had Abbadon, they came across an abandoned Star Destroyer filled with Rakghouls. They also came across the ancient Jedi, Celeste Morne who was in possession of the Sith artifact, the Muur Talisman that controlled the Rakghouls. When she received word of their mission, Morne decided to join them. After taking the outpost on Had Abbadon, Draco contacted the Emperor about the Muur Talisman.

    Knowing it's power, The Emperor told Draco to obtain it. When he told his Imperial colleagues about the new assignment, both Rae and Krieg were disturbed by the idea. They argued about their duty towards their Emperor and that the Talisman was clearly an artifact of the Dark side.

    The team managed to lure Darth Krayt and his Sith lords to Had Abbadon and a battle erupted. In the ongoing chaos, Draco attempted to remove the Muur Talisman from Morne, but Morne Force-pushed him, knocking him unconscious.

    While he was unconscious, Krayt fell down a cliff after being stabbed from behind by Rae, but was greviously wounded by Force lightning by Celeste. Cade also managed to destroy the Muur Talisman. As Draco regained consciousness, Cade and his crew were making their way to the planet Kiffex to heal Rae, but prevented both Draco and Krieg from joining due to Draco trying to secure the Talisman for the Emperor.

    While the Emperor was disappointed in the retrieval of the Talisman, he did allow Draco to participate in Operation: Thunderstroke-negotiations between the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order to fight the Sith. However, the Sith knew about the mission and set a trap for both groups in order to capture Emperor Fel. Thanks to Nyna Caliaxte, the ambush didn't go exactly as planed. Draco defended the Emperor against the Sith warriors, but struggled to protect the princess as well. Draco was forced to do his duty and protect the Emperor, leaving Sia behind.

    When Rae made it back thanks to hijacking a ship, she informed Draco and the Emperor that the princess was captured. He requested the Emperor to let him lead a rescue mission to save the princess. Fel approved, and with Shado Vao, and Ganner Krieg, the three journeyed to Korriban.

    Draco disguised himself as a Sith having Vao and Krieg serve as his prisoners. The trio manage to locate the princess and make their escape. As Krieg located a ship for them to leave, Draco stayed behind in order to buy them some time. After slaying a couple of Sith, he came face to face with his former master, Eshkar Niin, now known as Darth Havok. Draco fought bravely against Havok, refusing his offer to join the Sith, but was ultimately defeated.

    Antares was then tortured by Darth Havok, getting him to reveal any secrets the Empire had. Thanks to Darth Talon's Force illusion, she poised herself as Princess Marasiah making him believe that he failed in rescuing the princess and revealed the secret location of the Hidden Temple. Draco was then placed in Carbonite and delivered to Cade Skywalker as a present.

    After Cade defrosted Draco, he informed Skywalker that he revealed the location of the Hidden Temple and that the Sith planed to attack. The group quickly made their way back to the Temple to warn the Jedi. There, Draco informed the Princess of what he had done and asked for death however, Marasiah decided to give him a chance for redemption. Draco fought against the waves of Sith lords however, when Darth Krayt unleashed his Sith Troopers, both the Jedi, Galactic Alliance and Imperial Knights were forced to retreat.

    Draco was present when Emperor Fel was conspiring with the imprisoned half-crazed Darth Maladi to create a bio weapon that would destroy his enemies at the cost of innocence lives in exchange for Cade Skywalker's head. While Draco disagreed with this method, he still followed the Emperor. Unknown to both of them, Maladi's weapon would have no effect on the Sith.

    When the battle on Courscant seem to be going for the Sith, The Emperor decided to use the bio weapon to turn the tide. However Princess Marasiah and Treis Sinde pleaded with him not to due so as it would kill billions. Enraged, Fel Force-pushed both of them, but before Marasiah fell unconscious, she told Draco to stop him.

    Draco decided to fore-filled his oath of killing the Emperor if he ever turned to the Dark side and attacked him, causing Fel to activate his lightsaber. As the two dueled, Cade killed Darth Krayt on Corsucant. Draco felt Krayt's death through the Force, and asked the Emperor to stand down however, Fel thought it was a trick, and punched Draco. Before Fel could push the button to drop the bomb, Draco came from behind and stabbed the Emperor, killing him.

    Draco was last seen at Emperor Fel's funeral and it was announced that Princess Marasiah would become the Empress.

    Powers and Abilities

    Draco was powerful with the Force, becoming a Master Imperial Knight and second in command of the order. He is skilled with a lightsaber, able to use both two, or a double bladed one. He is also has a strong will, and was able to resist Dark Havok's torture for some time. It is also said that he is skilled in a starfighter.


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