Ant-Man's Helmet

    Object » Ant-Man's Helmet appears in 296 issues.

    A cybernetic helmet developed by Hank Pym. Allows rudimentary communication with ants and other insects.

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    Other Continuities

    Old Man Logan (Earth-807128)

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    In a universe where the heroes of the Marvel Universe have largely been decimated by a concentrated villain attack, Ant-Man's helmet has been found by a young boy named Dwight. Dwight uses it to control an army of ants in order to enforce the toll payments to get across the bridge he guards. Those who refuse to pay are devoured by the ants.

    In Other Media


    The helmet from Civil War
    The helmet from Civil War
    • The helmet appears in the live-action Ant-Man movie, where it was designed by Hank Pym and primarily used by Scott Lang. In a departure from the comics, the helmet's mouth is covered in this version. It was explained by the film's crew that this was done to prevent Ant-Man's lungs from bursting when he shrinks. In addition to allowing its wearer to communicate with ants, it also protects the user's sanity during the shrinking process.
    • A modified version of the helmet appears in Captain America: Civil War.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • The Ant-Man helmet is featured in the various Ant-Man Halloween costumes.
    • Anovos produced a replica of the Ant-Man helmet from the Civil War film.
    • Hasbro released an Ant-Man helmet as part of a role play set for their Avengers line. The helmet is based on Scott Lang's helmet from the Avengers Assemble cartoon, and came packaged with Lang's Pym Particle gun from the same series.
    • A replica of Ant-Man's helmet was included in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line.

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