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did antmans movie tie into his comics? Was it Enjoyable

On Friday, I went to see Ant-Man, on the opening night of the film, (although that could also be considered Thursday), this movie gave a very different perspective to the marvel universe. This character, though so small in the comics, may play a much bigger role in the MCU than we imagined. He scored a fairly decent score at the box office. It earned an estimated 58 million, although most pundits projected a weekend premiere of about $60 million. This was slightly disappointing to me, as the movie surprised me, as well as many other viewers and critics with how well made the film was. The plot was very different than some might have expected from a marvel film, but it drove the point home none the less. Some heroes are too small to notice, in a world of hammer-slinging gods, but they do more than we could ever know. Marvel went for a very comedic take on this character, which makes perfect sense, as it may be a bit hard to take him seriously. This and all the other Easter Eggs and references, were very enjoyable. The side characters from this movie were a huge part to this movie, and they really gave viewers a connection to the film. It makes me wonder how Ant-Man will do in civil war, when they aren’t around.

Now, rather than use someone like Hank Pym as Ant-Man, which they actually used as a cameo in multiple other films, such as it being stated in the first avengers movie that he designed the Helicarrier, they use Scott Lang. Now both in the comics and in this movie he is a character that is trying to redeem himself. He is trying to pull it together for his daughter, and pay of his childcare debt in the movie. In the comics, however, he did lose custody of his child to his wife, but not until later in his super hero career. After which he for a while became a full time avenger, He joined the heroes for hire even at one point, and furthermore dated Jessica Jones for a while, who is getting a Netflix series as well, so perhaps we could see him join the defenders with daredevil. As of yet in the MCU, we have a couple of high level heroes, and a low level street hero. Ant-man could be the gap, or the bridge between them, as the first midlevel hero. Finally, in my opinion, Ant-man was very much worth seeing. It was a well written, comedic, and enjoyable film you can watch with your whole family, and it was over all remarkably nicely done.

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