why are mortals hating on Ant-man?

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and its movie?

It will be a fine movie.

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@thorson said:

and its movie?

It will be a fine movie.

I agree, I feel it looks just as good as every other solo intro movie so far. I think these petty mortals simply have no respect for the actual comics and are criticizing the addition of a character whose power set is very gimicky. When you think of characters that deserve a movie, non-comic fans would not be clamoring to see the guy who shrinks and talks to ants, even when that guy is a founding member of the avengers and continues to play a pivotal role in the comics.

Then there are the petty mortals who are comic fans who do not like the changes made to the character. I am not a big fan of the older hank pym, and the changes to the wasp that must occur because of set changes, however I am not going to condemn the movie to hel because of it.

So basically ant-man is going to get flack from both sides of the marvel fan spectrum, but its really just bitter mortals on midgard who have nothing better to do than spew vitriol at a movie that hasn't even come out yet.

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I will wait until the movie comes out to have oppinion.

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Some just dislike Marvel and want them to fail. I was only familiar with the Hank Pym version of the character but this movie looks really interesting and something I might want to get into

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