Ant-Man begins shooting in Jan. Nathan Fillion rumored for Pym.

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According to this site, Edgar Wright's Ant-Man will begin shooting in January 2013 for the late 2015 release. Nathan Fillion (pretty much every main guy in any Whedon project) was mentioned for the lead role in Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man.

Personally, the more time they have to work on it, the better. The script's been in the works since the first Iron Man came out way back in 2008, so we know this movie won't be half-assed. Fillion appears to be the fan favorite for the role, but in all honesty, he wouldn't be my first choice (even though I know he'd be ok for the role). I would take that bit of news with a grain of salt, as Fillion seems reluctant to take on the role (and Star-Lord's for that matter) in recent interviews. Either way, I think he'd play the part well.

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Honey I shrunk the kids! I think marvel is at high risk with this movie personally. It's gonna be a financial failure, Pym doesn't have a large enough fan base or better yet Antman.They should focus on more popular characters at marvel. Speaking of which, I feel that the Gurdians of the Galaxy will be an epic fail as well, I would have focused on( the guys pictured) if they wanted to go cosmic and deal with Space and Thanos.Guardians of the Galaxy haven't actually excelled in sales at marvel throughout the years, hence the title being cancelled. I'm just stating the obvious.I see epic fail.

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Fillion for Hang Pym? I just don't see it.

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