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    After his resurrection, Scott Lang had a hard time getting his life back together with gaps in his resume and credit. When he follows his ex-wife and daughter to Miami to be close to them, he opens his own security firm with a surprise investor.

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    Current Members

    • Ant-Man (Scott Lang)
    • Stinger (Cassie Lang)


    Ant-Man storefront sign
    Ant-Man storefront sign

    Scott Lang and Peggy Rae were overwhelmed with joy and disbelief at the return of their daughter, Cassie, but Peggy had enough of the super-heroics of her daughter and her ex-husband. Scott was not able to convince his ex-wife to remain in New York, even though he had just gotten a job at Stark International. Desperately wanting to be with Cassie, Scott turned down the job and followed Cassie and Peggy to Miami.

    Scott tried to get funds for his own private detective agency at a bank. At first, the bank refused to fund his agency. This all changed when Scott helped save the bank by destroying a runaway WWII robot (whose rampage was kind of caused by Lang himself). By proving himself, he got his first investor, Miss Patriot.


    Ant-Man Security Solutions debuted in Ant-Man (2015) #4 by Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas

    Major Story Arc

    Hench App

    Hench app
    Hench app

    The move to Miami was supposed to be about getting Cassie, now powerless, away from the superhero lifestyle, but Scott finds himself up to his ears in supervillains after Power Broker debuted a share economy app called Hench, that made hiring henchman and mercenaries easier than ever.

    The Hench app also allowed users to gain superpowers so that they may work with supervillains. Cassie, sad over losing her powers and just mad in general at her father, saw it as an opportunity to become a superhuman adventurer again. They outfitted her with Pym particles and an insect communicating helmet so she could become Stinger. Her first gig on the app involved Cross Technological, who secretly planned to use her as bait to trap Scott.

    Scott put together a big crew to break in and get her back. The members included his Security Solution employees: Grizzly and Machinesmith, his current romantic interest, Beetle, his ex-girlfriend pop star turned reality star, Darla Deering, his unpaid intern, Raz, and Hench app users: Magician, Hijacker, Whirlwind, and The Voice.

    They were able to free Cassie and steal some some of Cross' inventions on the side. Unfortunately, Darla's TV producers had her followed 24/7 by surveillance drones for her reality show. They caught everything, editing it to blame Scott. Scott got himself thrown in prison to save everyone else until his old Future Foundation teammate and lawyer , She-Hulk, could get him out.


    Raz out of a job
    Raz out of a job

    Scott was forced to put his company on hiatus when Hydra tried to take over America. Scott and Raz ran off and joined the Underground, heroes rebelling against the new administration, while Grizzly and Machinesmith headed to New York looking for Hydra jobs.

    Unfortunately, Hydra was able to leverage Lang into betraying the Underground. Ashamed, he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy off Earth. When he finally returned, he tried to get back into security.

    The Bug Lords

    Lang returned to Florida to be near his daughter. His ex-wife was now supportive of her superhero career path, and Lang wanted to be there to help mentor her. He was back to being a one-man security firm hired to use his bug communicating abilities to solve the sudden mysterious death of a whole hive of bees that were being observed by scientists.

    He found The Swarm, who was forced into working for bug super-soldier, Macrothrax. Swarm created 3 other soldiers that were humanoids made of bugs: Tusk, Thread, and Vespa, as well as using Ant-Man's tech to commune with the primordial Bug Lords. To stop them from taking over the world, Lang has to call in help from his daughter. They chase Macrothrax to the Savage Land, where Lang was able to combine the might of all the Savage Land insects to best the Bug-Lords.

    Ultron Prison Transport

    Moving Ultron to New York
    Moving Ultron to New York

    Scott was hired by the Avengers to escort the merged body of Hank Pym and Ultron to the microverse. Pym-Ultron was kept in a vibranium casket locked with Asgardian magic. Along with Cassie, the two first took the casket to New York, where Hank Pym's lab was. It had technology that would allow for them to send the casket to the microverse with more accuracy than the shrinking tech on their persons.

    Unfortunately, Pym-Ultron had learned how to use the ant-communicators as radios and had been planning with The Black Ant a means of escape. The Black Ant was to use Hank Pym's old Aging Ray on the vibranium to degrade it. The mix of temporal energy, Asgardian magic, and vibranium's unique sonic frequency caused the casket to be lost in the timestream. As The Black Ant attempts an escape, Scott and his daughter used their new ability to speak to all bug life to trap him in a spider's web. Just then, Scott was transported by Zayn Asghar to the year 2549, where he came face to face with an upgraded Ultron.

    Together, with other Ant-Men from the timeline, they defeated Ultron and Scott inevitably returned to his daughter in his present.

    In Other Media

    Ant-Man and the Wasp

    No Caption Provided

    A team inspired by Ant-Man Security Solutions debuts in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).

    Scott was able to talk his cat burglar buddies from the first Ant-Man movie to rebrand themselves as security consultants. They would use their thieving skills to find their clients' weak points and fix them. It was renamed X-Con Security Consultants and none of Scott's partners were costumed supervillains.


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