Ant-Man of 2549

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    Time travelling Ant-Man from the year 2549 A.D.

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    Nano-swarm creating a tower
    Nano-swarm creating a tower

    Dr. Zayn Asghar was a scientist living in the year 2549, where All-Father Ultron had left the planet desolate. To reverse the effects of All-Father Ultron's destruction, Zayn invented the "nano-swarm," ant-like nanite robots that could be used to recalibrate the ecosystem, however, they were unable to replace organic life and failed at their primary function. Instead, the nano-swarm succeeded at breaking down solid matter and reconfiguring it. Or even creating it from stray atoms. Designing a suit based on his favorite heroes from history, Asghar used this swarm to combat paleo-capitalists and disaster opportunists as 2549's Ant-Man, while looking for a new way to try and reverse the desolation of his homeworld.


    Zayn Asghar debuted in Ant-Man (2022) #1 by Al Ewing and Tom Reilly

    Major Story Arcs

    Time Travel

    Ant-Men team up
    Ant-Men team up

    Zayn turned to cloning as a way to organically replicate the ability of his nano-swarm. He successfully recreated thousands of extinct ant species, however, they lacked generations of evolved instincts. Knowing his favorite heroes from history were capable of communicating with ants, he knew he could collect data about how to effectively communicate with them. Using an old time platform of Dr. Doom's, Zayn travelled to specific moments in each of their lives so that he could scan three distinct methods and create a varied and complete process for ant-communication. Unfortunately, this also creates a bridge for a time-lost Ultron, who had turned into the All-Father Ultron that destroyed Zayn's time period, to find his way to the year 2549.

    To help him take on Ultron, he used the platform to return to each Ant-Man, whose locations were still saved in the machine's memory, and bring them to the future. Together, they fought off Ultron the best they could. Luckily, Scott brought with him the old and rusty Aging Ray, which Zayn refurbished with his nano-swarm. Using the ray, they reverse the aging process that turned Ultron into an All-Father and sent him careening backward through his timeline to whereabouts unknown.

    Power and Abilities

    Ant-Man: Zayn has patterned himself off of the few Ant-Man from history

    • Size-Shifter: With the use of Pym particles, Zayn can increase his size (while changing his strength) and decrease his size (while not changing his strength).
    • Nano-Swarm: In the absence of real ants, Zayn can control a swarm of construction nanomachines.

    Time Travel: Zayn is of a future where time travel has been created. Using a time platform, Zayn is able to visit Ant-Man of a variety of eras.


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