Is Scott Lang Alive?

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I know he was killed in Avengers Disassembled, but it says that in the Children's Crusade that he was saved...does that mean he is alive?

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It talks about it in issue six. and try not to really have a spoiler in a thread topic name. Others haven't had the chance to read a few or all of the issues of Children's Crusade yet.

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wow really i want to now i'm a big pym fan and everything around him

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: srry, i just wanted to know, he died before i started reading comics and I really find eric o grady to be a tool, so i am hoping to see him back and kicking butt
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We've got 3 more issues to find out, which is kind of dumb since this happens before Fear Itself... 
As soon as you see Rictor using his powers, then you know he's alive...

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My guess is that he didn't actually die in the explosion but was takin right before his death and because of this he appeared to have died. Or atleast this is how it could be reconned. The only thing is we should wait til the end of Childrens crusade in case he gets sent back for some reason.

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@jordama: i just really want him back, wanted to read about him, only stuff i read was his death

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The children's crusade arc is finished and yes he is alive.

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yes he is alive at the end of the arc. which makes me think why do marvel really need 3 antmen running around the place? ie pym, lang and the irredeamable one. it just doesnt make much sense to me... but they had two hawkeyes for long enough so who knows what craziness marvel is up to,.... perhaps they are going to bring back black goliath next?

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Wow... Way to ruin part of Children's Crusade for me.

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@celestial_man: They've already killed off Eric o' Grady just to make room for the new boring and mopey version of Scott Lang.

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@X35: they killed of O'Grady?


Seriously, I HATED that guy. What he said in The Initiative about Scott was NOT COOL!

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@primepower53: the character's grown a lot since then. He died being beat to death by cyborgs to save an innocent child

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@X35: I know, but first impressions are everything. I could never get over my initial hatred for the character.

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It's very likely that Scott Lang has indeed returned from the dead, especially considering that O'Grady was killed off most recently...

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I'm guessing yes, but Hank Pym needs to be the Original Ant Man for sure in the movie and in Avengers 2\Also, Hawkeye needs his jet bike, if tony stark has a armored flight and battle suit, the least he could do is supe up his ducati…

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