Anson Spar

    Character » Anson Spar appears in 5 issues.

    Anson Spar is the son of Christine Spar. His kidnapping and death at the hand of Tujiro XIV would result in her becoming Grendel.

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    Anson Spar was the son of Christine Spar and her husband Peter Spar. His father was a war correspondent and died while he was still young, leaving his mother to take care of him. Stacy Palumbo, the adopted daughter of the first Grendel, Hunter Rose, was his grandmother.

    When his mother's friend, his "aunt" Regina Anastasi, got them tickets to a kabuki show in New York, Anson met Tujiro XIV, famed kabuki dancer. Unknown to Anson and his mother, Tujiro stole a lock of Anson's hair. He would use this lock of hair to hypnotize and kidnap Anson. Anson would never be seen alive again, and is presumed dead at Tujiro's hand. Tujiro, a vampire, had a practice of kidnapping young boys, plucking out one of their eyes, then draining them of their blood. He saved their eyes in a case. Christine later found this case and realized what happened. His kidnapping and death led to Christine taking on the mantle of Grendel, which she used to try to get revenge on Tujiro.


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