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Proper Japanese Title: まさかの時間 (Masaka no jikan)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 26: Master's Time (師匠の時間, Shishō no jikan)
  • Chapter 27: Time to Overcome (克服の時間, Kokufuku no jikan)
  • Chapter 28: Movie Time (映画の時間, Eiga no jikan)
  • Chapter 29: Transfer Student Time, 2nd Period (転校生の時間・ニ時間目, Tenkōsei no jikan, ni jikanme)
  • Chapter 30: Incredulity Time (まさかの時間, Masaka no jikan)
  • Chapter 31: Having a Rough Time (苦戦の時間, Kusen no jikan)
  • Chapter 32: A Time of Connections (絆の時間, Kizuna no jikan)
  • Chapter 33: Time for a Ball Game (球技大会の時間, Kyūgi taikai no jikan)
  • Chapter 34: Time to Bat First (先攻の時間, Senkō no jikan)

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