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    The Anointed One is an alien being that fell to Earth and adopted the Hebrew faith, believing that he actually fell from Heaven to battle Satan. He is a member of the League of Ancients.

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    Circa 1000 BC, The Anointed One is an alien that fell to Earth and was adopted by people of the Hebrew faith. The Anointed One felt very strongly about the faith and believed he was an angel from heaven that was sent to Earth to battle Satan. He was approached by Gamemnae of Atlantis to join a group of other super-powered beings, forging a league. The Anointed One agreed, joining Gamemnae, Rama Khan, and the other members of the League of Ancients.

    Major Story Arcs

    Obsidian Age

    For more information see: Obsidian Age

    The Anointed One fought for Atlantis, defeating superman in one on one combat. The Anointed One stayed loyal until he learned that Gamemnae was actually evil, using her influence for selfish and evil means. At this point Gamemnae turned on him and the other members of the League of Ancients absorbing their powers and killing them.


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