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    The Annunaki were the Ancient Mesopotamian, Sumerian and Babylonian gods. They were worshiped during mankind's cradle of life.

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    Deities of Ancient Mesopotamia and Sumeria

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    The Anunnaki or Gods of Mesopotamia are a race of super-humanly powerful humanoid beings who were once worshiped by several of the races and cultures from circa 19,000 BC. Their rise in worship continued through several of the Hyborian-era nations, and then achieving prominence among the Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians in Mesopotamia (between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) up to about 500 AD; the Canaanites, Hittities, Hurrians, Philistines and Phoenicians worshiped the Annunaki. But about 4000 BC during the rise of human civilization to 1500 BC when their worship was replaced by other religions, particularly the Judaeo-Christian Church. Some references have them worshiped much earlier in the Hyborian Age, as far back as 18,000 BC: however, many of these beings have been exposed as demonic entities. The word Annunaki broken down is "an" "nuna" ki" which means Earth children sky. The human worshipers of the Anunnaki often referred to their deities by other names than by which they were originally known: for example, the Sumerians worshiped a sea-god named Ea whereas the Babylonians knew him as Enki. The Anunnaki no longer have or actively seek worshipers on earth. However, certain gods, notably Baal and Dagon, are often called upon by practitioners of black magic to exploit their most darker attributes while other deities like Ninurta, Astarte, and Inanna, known to the Greeks as Aphrodite, still have an active interest in the welfare of humanity.

    The Annunaki's history according to ancient myths discribes the the dragon Tiamat coupled with the celestial Apsu and gave birth to the first Annunaki which were Lahmu and Lahamu. Just a generation later, Anu, the grandchild of Lahmu and Lahamu, was born and grew into the mantel of the god of heaven. he became the Sky Father of the Annunaki and their ruler. With the mingling of the primordial Earth Mother named Ki, Anu would sire yet another generation of Annunaki, a new and aspiring gods who mastered a variety of pantheon and realms of faith amongst the Mesopotamian people. The myths continue to tell how Apsu grew annoyed by the chaos introduced by these younger generations of his offspring, he planned to destroy the Annunaki, but the water god Ea learned of this and preemptively slew Apsu. This enraged Tiamat and her son Kingu, who led armies of Tiamat's monstrous offspring in an attack against the Annunaki. The myths continue to relate to how this battle would grow into a prolonged civil war that ended with Anu's allies victorious and Tiamat dead. Marduk, Anu's grandson who served as the god of judgment and magic, led the Annunaki to victory during the war and replaced Anu as ruler of the Annunaki upon the defeat of Kingu and Tiamat.

    THE ANNUNAKI (List of Pantheon and Domain of worship)

    Skyfather: Anu (Heaven)

    Others: Aqhat, Ba'al (Storms), Allatum (Underworld), Antu (Dagon (Wind & Air), Ardat-Lil (), Assag (), Enkimku (God of Farming), Enlil (), Ereshkigal (The Dead), Dagon (),Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte (Love & War), Gugalanna ( Bull of Heavens), Hambaba (Mesopotamian Giant ), Kingu (Demon offspring of Tiamat), Lamashtu (Mesopotamian Demon/Goddess), Lilith (Mother of Demons), Mammitu (Goddess of Judgement), Marduk (Judgment, Storms & Magic), Morloch (Demon/God of Canaanites), Nergal (Death & Pestilence), Ningal (Metal and Forge), Ninsun (Mother of Gilgamesh/Goddess), Saja (Messengers), Samana(), Tammuz (Shepherds & Fertility), Tiamat (Giant Evil Dragoness)

    The Anunnaki In Comics

    Essential Story-lines

    DC Comics

    These characters have been adapted from the religious texts and mythology of the Anunnaki by the publisher DC Comics. Separate deities have had appearances or mention in the following series.

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    The Anunnaki appear in Madame Xanadu #1 - Step Through the Doorway to Nightmare with Madame Xanadu, which was published in 1981 and written by Steve Englehart, art by Marshall Rogers. The story has Madame Xanadu being sought after by an addicted woman seeking help in the skills of witchcraft. Owning a mysterious spell-book which she cant comprehend. After warning the woman of the dangers she sees and forbids it. Later the woman meets an addict and together almost by a controlling impulse get together. After a brief life of drugs, swingers parties, and debauchery, they go to a party. They read the book of spells and plan a costume party in order to gather brazen party-goers who also live the life of sin. At the party the two come together and work the crowd into an evil frenzy with music, booze and provocative images. At midnight the hysteria reaches a fever pitch and the demons of Ishtar and Tammuz are released. With the crowd yelling "hail, hail," Madame Xanadu unmasks herself and mystically draws the group awareness and stops the two Anunnaki hosts from entering Earth's dimension.

    In Green Lantern Annual Volume 3 #9 and its sequel JLA Gatekeeper Volume 1, the Anunnaki are said to be rogue Oans. Each of the DC Comics Annual's for the year 2000 introduced a newly created international super-hero as part of their "Planet DC" theme. This issue introduces the Tunisian character Sala Nisaba.

    Marvel Comics

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    The Annunaki are among the most ancient of pantheons in human existence. In modern times, the Annunaki story would state that just as the other Pantheons in the Marvel Universe they remained largely removed from mortal affairs; however, those who degenerated into demons have frequently come into conflict with Earth's heroes. The Marvel Handbook called the "Encyclopedia Mythologica", which outlines several Pantheons of major ancient world groups.

    For instance, the god of metal Ningal possessed the Black Knight body, but Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange eventually imprisoned the demon in a block of mystic amber. Later, as the "Demon of the Dunes," the desert god Martu plagued the Arabian Knight (Abdul Qamar) in the Saudi Arabian deserts.With Marvel Comics great success in the adaption of the Asgardian Pantheon with the character Thor, they published several adaptions encompassing other pantheon to draw characters for other titles. Many of these deities were transformed into Demons in the Marvel Universe after the coming of Christianity supplanted their worship. Lilith was adapted as a Ghost Rider foe who was a major player in the "Spirits of Vengeance" cross-over.


    Habitat: Earth-like

    Gravity: Normal

    Atmosphere: Normal

    Population: 2000 (estimated)

    Type of Government: Monarchy

    Level of Technology: Magic

    Powers and Abilities

    The Annunaki all possess certain superhuman physical attributes as is notable of other Pantheon depicted in Marvel comics publications, as are the Asgardians, Olympians, etc..They are true immortals who cease to age upon reaching adulthood, and they cannot die by conventional means. Annunaki flesh and bone are about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to the gods' superhuman strength and weight. An average male god can life about 30 tons; an average goddess can life about 25 tons. The gods' metabolism gives them superhuman endurance in all physical activities. Many Annunaki also possess additional superhuman powers, and several have degenerated into arch-demons in attempts to maintain influence in the Earth realm following the loss of their mortal worshipers.


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