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    The Annihilation Wave are an army from the Negative Zone.

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    The Ultimate Nightmare
    The Ultimate Nightmare

    When Annihilus, the Arthrian Alpha Male, learned that the "mainstream Marvel Universe" was swallowing the Negative Zone up as it expanded he led an invasion force to reclaim what he thought was rightfully his.

    Crossing the dimensional gulf known as the Crunch and crushing everything that stood in his path including the Klyn, the Nova Corps, large portions of the Kree Empire, and the last remnants of the Skrull Empire.

    Many heroes and villains also fell in combat with Annihilus' forces, including Quasar, whose Quantum Bands were usurped by the Arthrian tyrant himself.

    Galactus and a majority of his Heralds also fell prey to The Arthrians and their Proemial allies and were transformed into a weapon that nearly obliterated every trace of life within sight, that is until Thanos managed to free the Devourer and The Silver Surfer and wipe out almost all of The Arthrians currently stationed in The Marvel Universe.

    Annihilus himself was killed by Nova, leaving Ravenous to pick up the pieces and take control over the Arthrian forces now occupying a vast majority of Kree space until Annihilus' reincarnated form could mature.

    The Arthrians later came under attack from The Phalanx during the course of Ultron's conquest and, in return for the Kree Sentries hidden under the surface of Kree-Lar and an Annihilation Wave vessel, were aided by Ronan the Accuser, Ra-Venn, Wraith, The Super-Skrull and Praxagora in driving back the techno-organic fiends.

    The Arthrians cut The Human Torch down with relative ease.
    The Arthrians cut The Human Torch down with relative ease.

    During the course of their journey through The Negative Zone, Talon and Darkhawk (who was eventually taken over by Talon's companion, Razor) came into contact with The Arthrians many times, killed Catastrophus (one of Annihilus' puppet kings and caretaker) even stole The Cosmic Control Rod from the infant Annihilus, who had been using it to accelerate his growth.

    A second Annihilation Wave under the command of Annihilus' Anti-Priest, the head of the Cult of Annihilus, fought The Universal Inhumans and later, under "Kid Annihilus'" personal command, they initially breached The Negative Zone portal in The Baxter Building in an attempt to ignite the Second Great Annihilation War.

    The Human Torch managed to hold them off until the gateway could be completely sealed and was cut down shortly afterward by the vast wave of Arthrian cultists and their child lord, much to the dismay and horror of a powerless Ben Grimm and his godchildren, Franklin and Valeria Richards.

    Alternate Realities


    In this reality, Drax the Destroyer killed Thanos before he could free Galactus and The Silver Surfer, who then attempted to do it himself, resulting in the total annihilation of countless worlds and the deaths of trillions including Galactus and his Proemial arch-nemesis'. With no one left to stand in his way, Annihilus and The Annihilation Wave entered The Milky Way Galaxy and sent a scout ship to Earth in order to discover whether rumors of a superhuman Civil War were true.

    Thanks to the combined efforts of Nova and other cosmic heroes, the scout ship was destroyed and ended up crashing into a nearby building seconds before Captain America was about to give up on defeating Iron Man and turn himself over to the authorities. Annihilus and his forces later arrived on Earth to find that Nova had managed to unite all of Earth's heroes against The Arthrian Invasion Forces.

    A fierce war erupted all across the world, but it soon became clear that Earth's heroes were simply not enough to hold back the invasion forces, so Earth's villains joined in and aided their enemies in holding back The Wave. The bitterest of enemies fought and died together to protect the world that bore them, but yet it was still not enough. Nova, desperate to save Earth, convinced The Inhumans to aid them by telling Black Bolt of Annihilus' plans.

    When Black Bolt learned of what Annihilus had done and was going to do to the rest of the Universe, he became enraged and agreed to help Nova stop Annihilus' forces and when The Inhumans arrived, The Arthrians learned what it was to become an enemy of Black Bolt. With The Annihilation Wave seemingly destroyed, the denizens of Earth began to ease up. But it was soon learned that this was just the calm before the storm.

    Annihilus and his main forces were coming. A wave so vast in size that Earth's protectors knew that they would not be able to stop Annihilus, his brides/generals and the billions of Arthrian soldiers at their side. Uatu the Watcher knew this as well and called Earth's protectors to his citadel on the Moon where he offered them an ultimatum: use his Terminus Device to banish Annihilus and his forces to a parallel universe devoid of existence and sacrifice both the Inhuman home of Attilan along with The Moon in the process...or perish.

    In order to draw Annihilus away from Earth, Medusa and Black Bolt pretended to betray Earth's heroes and Uatu to Annihilus in the hopes of being spared from his wrath, which drew Annihilus' attention to The Moon instead of Earth. With the trap set, Uatu and Earth's protectors returned to the world of their birth, save for Nova, Captain America and Iron Man...who sacrificed themselves to keep Annihilus and his forces occupied long enough for The Terminus Device to work its magic and banish Annihilus from their Universe forever. With the Annihilation Wave gone, the remaining Arthrian forces presumably retreated back to The Negative Zone.


    On Earth-91172, The Hulk was picked up by The Annihilation Wave after The Illuminati banished him into space. Annihilus told The Hulk that if he wished to live, he would have to bow before Annihilus and serve his every whim. The Hulk killed Annihilus and his Generals instead and took command of The Annihilation Wave, which he brought back to Earth. With The Hulk as their leader, The Arthrians managed to destroy most of Earth's heroes in little to no time at all.

    Earth-91172 was also one of the corrupted realities that The Exiles needed to correct in order to keep it from being destroyed and sent Kid Omega, leader of the last superhuman resistance force on the planet, which composed of Sophie Cuckoo, The Two-in-One (Sophie's sisters Mindee and Esme, who had been telepathically detached from Sophie), Wiccan, Patriot, Speedball and Lightspeed, across the Multiverse to find The Exiles though not the ones he thought he was seeking.

    In reality, he had been sent to Earth-4400 (a reality that had been decimated by the infamous King Hyperion), Earth-8545 (a world where Power Man gained the abilities of Iron Fist), Earth-15731 (an alternate New Universe) and Earth-295 ( The Age of Apocalypse) to recruit his own group of Exiles. Individuals who would replace those who were not supposed to have died during The Hulk's attack. It is believed that with Nighthawk, Power Fist, Spitfire and Wild Child there to aid them, Kid Omega and his team managed to defeat The Hulk and drive The Annihilation Wave back to The Negative Zone.


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