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After being captured, enslaved and made a pawn of Annihilus, Terrax has broken free…only to crash-land on a planet ruled by the Space Parasite! Facing an enemy who can absorb his cosmic power, will Terrax assume the fearsome role of The Tamer once again…or has the trauma of his enslavement broken his once-mighty spirit?

PLUS! Stardust is dead. But what was he? Who was he? And is he really gone? Find out in this all-new tale featuring Galactus’ newest herald!


Following the downfall of Annihilus, Terrax and Paibok, the Power Skrull, find themselves no longer at the mercy of his followers. Enraged with being enslaved, Terrax uses his power to destroy the ship they're on, not really thinking about the fact they are still in space.

The ship crashed on a nearby planet and they were pulled from the wreckage by Chandra, a female Centaurian. It seems the entire planet is under the rule of Randau, the Space Pirate. Randau feeds off the life force of others. He has conquored the planet and feeds off the populace. Any ship that ventures near the planet is shot down with his solar scepter. Terrax vows to take down Randau.

The fight against Randau doesn't go the way Terrax thought it would. He allowed Randau to absorb some of his power cosmic, thinking it would be too much for him. The power just makes him stronger. When Chandra leads a little army against Randau, he merely blasts her with his sceptor leaving scattered bones as remains.

Terrax realizes that he cannot use the power cosmic against him, shuts off the energy to his axe and slices Randau in two down the middle.

With the planet liberated, the residents become restless saying that Randau protected them. They ask if Terrax will rule in his place. Disgusted with their desire to be slaves, he deems the planet is not worthy of life. With one powerful swing of his axe, he causes the planet to deconstruct. Paibok survives, with the help of an alien, Delinquent. Terrax informs them it would be wise if their paths do not cross again.


After fighting against Annihilus, Stardust manages to rebuild his shattered form by using the power cosmic. He finds himself in the Andromeda Galaxy and makes his way back. On his way, he is stopped by three fellow Ethereals who demand Stardust answer for his crimes. The Annihilation Wave destroyed their civilization and Stardust chose to fight along side the corporeals and their war. They begin to fight against him and he unleashes his power.

With the last of his people reduced to ash, he absorbs them into to them to preserve what is left. Stardust soon finds his way to Galactus. Galactus is still somewhat weak from being captured and manipulated by Thanos and feeding off of beings from the Negative Zone. With his herald, the Silver Surfer, away on urgent business, Stardust asks to become Galactus' herald once again. Galactus says he has no need for him and says he is not loyal enough. To prove himself, Stardust allows Galactus to feed off of him devouring the last of his race.

He now sees that having two heralds could be a good thing. Galactus knows that one day the Silver Surfer will betray him once more and wants to be able to call upon Stardust if necessary.



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