Annihilation, Book Three #1

    Annihilation, Book Three » Annihilation, Book Three #1 - Annihilation, Book Three released by Marvel on December 19, 2007.

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    The conclusion to the Annihilation saga! Nova! Drax! Super-Skrull! Ronan! Quasar! Thanos! Annihilus! Silver Surfer! Galactus! The Centurions! The Spaceknights! The Skrulls! The Kree! The massive Annihilation event brings back Marvel's sci-fi superstars in explosive, widescreen style! And now you can follow the galaxy-rocking saga in its entirety! The war against the Annihilation Wave has begun in earnest - with heroes such as Nova, Drax, Gamora and Ronan leading the charge! But with the power of Galactus behind him, is Annihilus unstoppable? The universe's one hope may be Thanos the mad Titan - but his old enemy, Drax, has different ideas! As the saga races toward its devastating end, sacrifices are made, ancient evil strikes, and new heroes rise!

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    Annihilus / Annihilation - Making the Connection 0

    THE GOODThis trade, the last part of the Annihilation story arc, has it all - each of the six Annihilation Volume Issues, the two Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus Volume Issues, and the Nova Corps Files One-Shot.Art - I loved it. I loved the penciling, the coloring, everything. Even with the volume changes (from Annihilation to the Heralds to the Nova Corps Files), the artist changes were not really noticeable.Writing - I thought the story was well written, coordinated and executed. It fit the ...

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    Tacked on aftermath cannot follow up stellar beginning. 0

    Nova has joined forces with Star-Lord and they now command the United Front. They allied themselves with the Kree Empire to combat the Annihilation Wave lead by Annihilus. The battle clearly isn't going their way, and to makes matters worse for them; The Mad Titan named Thanos loaned his technology and ideas to Annihilus pushing Nova's band to the brink of defeat. The situation continues to look bad for Nova and his allies, while everything is in favor of Annihilus. -summaryAnnihilation Book Thr...

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