Annihilation #6

    Annihilation » Annihilation #6 - Finale released by Marvel on March 2007.

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    Annihilation Day, Plus 222 - FINALE

    Galactus and the Silver Surfer are free. They're not happy.

    Annihilus' troops are on the run. Galactus orders the Silver Surfer, "Herald my Rage". Annihilus feels betrayed by Thanos and is unwilling to accept this fate - he continues on, stating that he must live forever!

    Galactus and Silver Surfer unleashed HELL on Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave.

    The Annihilation Wave forces across the universe are decimated, reaching the surface of Hala as well. Ronan believes that it is the Annihilation Wave attacking from orbit, he does not realize it is the wave itself that is being destroyed. Ravenous escapes in all the destruction (with a bit of a face-lift). The Kree, now under the command of Ronan attack as fiercely as any Kree ever has attacked. The wave is finally falling!

    In the debris of Annihilus flagship, Nova, Peter and Phyla-Vell finally find Annihilus. Nova keeps Peter and Phyla sealed within a force field as he battles Annihilus, alone. The battle wages on as Phyla escapes the force field just in time to attack Annihilus and give Nova a slight reprieve. During her attack, she touches the quantum bands, which quickly detach from Annihilus and "choose" Phyla as their new owner. Phyla continues her attack but is still taken out by Annihilus' superior fighting power.

    Annihilus now turns his focus back on Nova, who has had a chance to recharge slightly. He boasts that Nova doesn't have a chance to harm him, because of the strength of his body armor. It is Annihilus' mouth that leads to his eventual undoing - Nova realizes that his best chance to defeat Annihilus is an attack at is inards, right through his, "flapping jaw". Then, as fate would have it, Nova was able to avenge the billions that had died and the complete destruction of the Nova Corps all in one swoop - by reaching into Annihilus' mouth and ripping his guts out.

    As Nova rests in the afterglow of his success, he sees Thanos standing with Death.

    Annihilation Day, Plus 268 -- Armistice Day

    Rebuilding of the Universe continues and the "Cold War" begins. Ravenous signs a treaty to discontinue hostilities in exchange for freedom and Kree territories.

    The majority of the major players in the Annihilation story arc return to business as usual, some are missing, some dead...

    • Silver Surfer is back finding words to feed Galactus
    • Firelord is seeking vengance on the remaining Centurions
    • Super-Skrull and Praxagora have fallen off the radar
    • Drax is unaccounted for and is likely searching for Cammi
    • Moondragon ended up on a Kree fringe world, and claims she has no idea how she got there
    • Phyla-Vell has the Quantum Bands and is thinking about taking up where Quasar left off (she is currently spending a lot of time with Moondragon)
    • Cammi is unaccounted for, but she is believed to be with Skreet
    • Many of the allies, integral to the success of the war are still unaccounted for
    • Richard Rider is trying to decide if he should go home, to Earth
    • And most troubling, Ravenous has given rise to the rebirth of Annihilus!

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