Annihilation #4

    Annihilation » Annihilation #4 - Revelation released by Marvel on January 2007.

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    Left behind, can Drax survive?... Thanos takes action... and Nova sets course on a suicide mission.

    As Drax kills through the continual hoard of Annihilation Wave drones, each kill gets him closer to Thanos - his destiny. Finally making his way to an Annihilation Wave ship, he escapes the planet just in time for its final destruction and absorption by the Galactus Weapon.

    In orbit, Annihilus and Thanos watch as the planet is consumed, filling the generators of Annihilus' ship. But this is not enough, Annihilus wants all the energy, even the bit that is keeping Galactus alive enough to act as the weapon. Thanos understands this as Annihilus' madness and walks away saying, "Duly Noted." At his side, being restricted by control bugs, Moondragon pushes Thanos' buttons by calling him a lackey. He pushes back and she admits reading those words from Annihilus' mind. Finally, Thanos' use for Moondragon's is revealed (aside from goading Drax).

    Back in Earth's orbit, Richard and Peter discuss the next move - Richard has made up his mind, he is going after Annihilus - and Peter is coming with...

    As Drax makes his way towards Thanos, he decides it best if he travels in style - in the ship of Eradica. He makes his way to the control room of her ship, killing countless Annihilation Wave drones. Finally, confronting Eradica herself, he wastes no time in following Firelord's lead - taking out the queen and causes her wave forces to fall into disarray. Now in control of Eradica's ship, he steps ever closer towards his destiny.

    Thanos decides it is time to get the information from Moondragon he needs for his true plan. He lowers his guard enough to allow her to show him what she saw in Annihilus' mind - a risky but necessary move. He finds out what Moondragon already knows, Annihilus' plan all along was a universe-wide extinction event - pure madness. No less mad than Thanos' curiosity in the toll of such a radical shift in universal balance.

    Richard, Peter, Phyla, and Cammi head out to confront Annihilus. This time they are borrowing some Phase technology - that Nova activates for everyone but Cammi.

    Back on Thanos' starship, he decides to start the deactivation sequence to free Galactus (in light of his knew knowledge of Annihilus' true plan). He also decides to "cure" Moondragon of her control bug problem. She will need her strength if she is to fight off her father, who has arrived just in time to accidentally screw up Galactus' escape.

    Drax arrives on Thanos' starship, killing ever closer to his destiny. Finally, he reaches the chamber where Moondragon and Thanos are attempting to free Galactus. Moondragon's attempt to stop him falls WAY short...

    With Thanos dead, who will free Galactus?


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