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Interrogating Noh-Varr
Interrogating Noh-Varr
Annie is a high-spirited girl who met Noh-Varr right after breaking up with her boyfriend. As the two were talking, Noh-Varr was attacked by The Sentry, who began viciously beating Noh-Varr after he refused to cooperate.

Using one of Noh-Varr's guns, which he had dropped during the fight, Annie shot The Sentry and managed to actually throw him off-balance, giving Noh-Varr a chance to escape.
When she realized exactly what it was she had done, Annie dropped the gun in shock and ran away. Later on, Noh-Varr sought her out and told her of his plans to deal with Norman and his Dark Avengers. Annie told Noh-Varr to come back for her when the time was right.
Later on it appeared that the two had formed a very close friendship and bond with one another, making them practically inseparable. While going to a gas station to refuel the car Annie "borrowed" from her friend, the two of them were attacked by a time traveler in an armored suit. 

After a short confrontation, Noh-Var learned that the traveler was actually an older version of Annie from thousands of years into the future. 
Future Annie tells Noh-Varr that she needs his help, but that he is not ready to help her yet at this point in his life and therefore must become stronger in order to do so. 
She then disappears back into the timestream looking for a Noh-Varr who is ready to help her. Noh-Varr decided not to tell Annie that the person that attacked them was actually another version of herself.
 Annie and Noh-Varr sitting in a tree...
 Annie and Noh-Varr sitting in a tree...
Annie was later introduced to The Avengers by Noh-Varr, who also confirmed that he and Annie had become a couple and that she would be staying with him at Avengers Tower from time to time whenever the opportunity to break away from her studies at N.Y.U. became a possibility.
Annie was, for the most part, extremely nervous to be in the presence of legendary heroes like Thor and Spider-Man and remained silent even after The Red Hulk's battered and beaten form crashed through the windows and shattered the Avengers little get together to pieces.
Wolverine cautioned Noh-Varr to get Annie out of Avengers Tower before any harm could come to her. It is assumed that Noh-Varr took his new teammate's advice and departed from Avengers Tower with Annie.

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