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    A character in David Lapham's Young Liars.

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    Annie X is a character in the Vertigo title Young Liars. Though her real name is Jackie, the other characters refer to her as Annie X because of the eating disorder she suffers from.


    Annie X was created by David Lapham.

    Character Evolution

    Though nicknamed
    Though nicknamed "Annie X", Jackie is bulimic

    As with all the characters in the series, the accuracy of any information about Annie is subject to debate, as the story is told by an unreliable narrator. Annie works as a nurse, though she has modeled in the past. Although her friends refer to her as Annie X, which is a pun on the term anorexia, she is not anorexic. She is actually bulimic, and is specifically shown to "binge and purge" on several occasions.

    Though Annie is quite obviously severely underweight, at one point in the series she is shown at an appointment with a plastic surgeon, booking a liposuction treatment and rhinoplasty.

    Annie is revealed to be working with the Spiders From Mars. She gathers information on Sadie and frequently reports the whereabouts of the group to Lloyd T Browning's assassins, The Pinkertons. However, after a long affair with Danny, as well as a heart-to-heart conversation with Loreli, she changes her mind and becomes a double agent.

    Major Story Arcs

    Annie X is not involved in any major story arcs.

    Powers and Abilities

    Annie is a regular human character, and does not possess any special abilities.


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