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    A shaman and the first Geomancer.

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    Anni is the first Geomancer and this is her story - "Legends of the Geomancer":


    Anni is a shaman who is accused to be a witch and the cause of death of Nergal's people, who are actually dying by force of nature, and sentenced to death as a sacrifice to the Gods to stop the plague. After escaping her own death and slaying the Nergal with the help of fellow tribesmen Padda and Cuth, the handicapped daughter of Nergal who needs to be carried, Anni feels the Earth is speaking to her (or she is the only one listening) and leading them to a cave with a magical tree. She eats a fruit of the magical tree and, after bonding with the tree and Earth, is given the power of the Geomancer. Her first doing is healing Cuth' legs and exterminating a horde of giants who were threatening the three. Padda now believes Anni is a witch and that he should have believed Nergal after all, however, Anni says she is not to protect the living but to protect the balance (on Earth) and "sometimes that requires adding. Preserving. And sometimes that requires taking away."

    Earth has also given her one more blessing as she is pregnant now. As she needs a father's name for her children she turns to Padda who feels disgusted and storms off promising Anni "this would not be over..."

    Later, Anni has settled and is living in a city with Cuth and her three incredibly strong yet very different sons -Aram, Ivar, and Gilad - who are young men now, and when they are not defending the city from attackers who are after the Geomancer and her powers they use to mock and fight each other. Anni has already grown old and feels she will die soon because she is also a part of what is the cycle of life, and there will have to be others to protect the Earth and they may as well compliment what she is lacking. Therefore she is preparing and writing a book as a testament and guide for her successors, and their successors. As long as she lived she had been the mouth and ears of the Earth and the book, written in her blood, will be her memory.

    One day, while the brothers are cleaning bodies from one of the attacks, Anni is visited and fatally injured by Padda. When Anni asks why he is doing this, Padda says she told him once the Earth had two minds and if she chose to be on the good side he had to be on the evil side so balance would be preserved. Gilad, the youngest and quickest but also the most angry of the three brothers, is the first at the scene and instantly kills Padda slashing him into two halves with his axe. For Anni this is too late and before she dies she whispers to Gilad that he has what is needed and his wrath will drive him to protect....

    "Legends of the Geomancer" ends with Cuth showing the brothers the book Anni has written and apparently finished just in time and refers to it as the Book of Life.


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