Anne-Marie Cortez

    Character » Anne-Marie Cortez appears in 53 issues.

    Fabian Cortez's sister and member of the Acolytes. She was wounded when humans invaded Asteroid M and shot her. After that Magneto beacome a leader of Acolytes.

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    Anne-Marie Cortez was one of the first of Magneto's Acolytes as well as the sister of Fabian Cortez.


    Anne-Marie Cortez was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee in 1991, first appearing in X-Men #1 - Rubicon.

    Major Story Arcs

    Reaching Magneto

    Anne-Marie was wounded by a SHIELD agent after the Acolytes stole a shuttle to reach Asteroid M. Magneto interceded between the mutants and their pursuers. It was this initial attack that convinced Magneto to lead the Acolytes after their meeting. Healed by her brother, she later fought against X-Men . She dies when Asteroid M was apparently destroyed due to her brother's manipulations. Fabian Cortez survives the encounter to lead the Acolytes, even after Magneto distances himself from them philosophically.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cortez' powers were never seen or mentioned on-panel in the comics. It has been stated elsewhere that she possessed superhuman empathy and mind-control powers, possibly responsible for the defection of SHIELD agent Harry Delgado. She also demonstrates proficiency with firearms.


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