Anne Lewis

    Character » Anne Lewis appears in 44 issues.

    Anne Lewis is a member of the Detroit Police Department and is Alex Murphy/RoboCop's partner.

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    "Murphy, it's you."

    Anne Lewis
    Anne Lewis

    Anne was partnered with Alex Murphy, when he had just transferred from Metro South. On his first day on the job at his new precinct, he is murdered by a vicious gang of thugs lead by Clarence Boddicker who work for ruthless corporate executive Dick Jones, who intends to control Delta City which is still in the planning stages. Lewis was separated when Murphy got killed, and Lewis couldn't do nothing. Murphy's body (although severely damaged) is then re-constructed into the first ever robotic law enforcement cyborg, who gradually begins to regain some recollection of his former life through encounters with members of the gang who took him out. A series of events leads Anne to become Robocop's partner once again. She was alerted by Kaplan and the others to her former comrade's treachery Lt. Hedgecock who attempts to destroy her partner and arrives at the OCP Parking complex level 3, seeing her partner damaged and realizes Kaplan and the others failed to stop Hedgecock.

    She helps him to get into her car, Lewis flees the scene with a damaged Robocop. During the police strike Lewis returns to the police station and furiously kills Hedgecock for his treachery and following Dick Jones' orders to destroy Robocop. She finds Robocop's equipment and goes to the steel mill. While staying in the steel mill, Clarence and his gang arrived having released by Dick Jones to finish Robocop and they kill the gang one by one.

    She's injured in the shootout, while Robocop finally kills Clarence using his Data Spike and she was then rescued by Medical team led by Wareen Reed and Whitakker, the new SWAT leader. She is visited by Mayor Gibson who congratulate her for bringing her former comrade, the crime lord, and the corrupt OCP executive to justice.

    RoboCop 2

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    Lewis is again seen serving as Robocop's partner. She and Robocop are the only officers who are not on strike until they help him raid the Nuke factory led by Cain. She also helps Robocop deal Robocop 2 until he smashes Cain's brain.


    Lewis is an honest cop with a fierce sense of duty. She patrols with her partner through multiple police strikes, often facing some of Detroit's most fearsome criminals with little or no backup.

    Other Media


    RoboCop (1987)


    Anne Lewis is portaged by actress Nancy Allen.

    RoboCop 2 (1990)

    Actress Nancy Allen reprise the role of Anne Lewis in the sequel.



    RoboCop: The Animated Series (1988)

    In the 1980s animated series Anne is portrayed as a much closer friend to Murphy, even attempting to help him become reacquainted with social functions like dating. Murphy's feelings for Lewis are much deeper due to this kind of interaction, as in episode "The Hot Seat" where Robocop wants to work alone so Lewis won't get hurt, Anne says, "Murphy, so you do have feelings for me." When the chief says that Lewis will still be his partner, Anne winks at him.

    In episode "The Scrambler" where Anne and Murphy go out on a date and in episode "The Man In The Iron Suit", Lt. Hedgecock, a prejudiced police officer jealous of Murphy, volunteers to test out a new prototype armor for OCP, challenging Murphy to a heated conflict inside a junkyard, where he almost succeeds in killing him. Anne is injured by Hedgecock when she tries to stop him. Murphy briefly snaps into a blind rage, pummeling Hedgecock and ripping apart his armor to get at the occupant.

    Lewis recovers and persuades Murphy to let Hedgecock go, insisting they can use the recordings of the battle to press charges without taking the law into their own hands (although the tape is inevitably destroyed to appease The Old Man and protect the Robocop project), Murphy picks up Anne and departs the junkyard.

    Video Game

    RoboCop 3

    A first person shooter sequence follows where the player must find officer Lewis, who is being held hostage, in under two minutes.



    In the Marvel comic books, adapted from the original RoboCop 3 script, Anne Lewis wasn't killed and instead it was Warren Reed that died. There is an inconclusive romance between RoboCop and Lewis, she kisses him in issue #19 of the series.

    Boom! Studios

    While RoboCop, Anne Lewis and the police department wage war on anarchic streets, the mayor tries to take the people's rights to bear arms. John Killian, a criminal from Old Detroit, is released from prison and sees it as his opportunity to take on Murphy.


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