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    A Morlock and Power Packs pretend aunt, deceased.

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    Annalee was a Member of the group called Morlocks that were Outcasts from society, they lived in tunnels beneath New York City, where she used to lived happily with her four kids; one of them being a healer , till a terrible incident occurred which ended the lives of her children.

    Grief stricken Annalee's powers had driven the Morlocks insane because of her despair, to make it up to her, Erg and other Morlocks decide to kidnap the Power Pack to replace her kids but the X-Men stopped them from succeeding. After a second attempt to kidnap the Power Pack as her children, the lonely woman eventually found happiness with looking after the orphan Leech and other children after the second attempt was a failure.

    Her happy days ended when she faced Scalphunter during the Mutant Massacre cornering her, revealing himself as the true killer of her children, during the confrontation He shot Annalee where she died in Callisto's arms.


    Annalee is a projecting empath, which allows her to project her emotions to other people along a short radius and make them feel what she feels.

    Alternate Realities


    Other Media


    With her daugther, Jean
    With her daugther, Jean

    X-Men The Animated Series

    Annalee appears in the episode Captive Hearts as a member of the Morlocks and was voiced by Kay Tremblay. In this episode, Annalee uses hypnotic powers to convince Jean Grey that she is a young child and that Annalee is her mother. When Wolverine arrives, she plants a suggestion is his mind that he is covered with scorpions.



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