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    Annabeth is the child of Athena, girlfriend of Percy Jackson, a strategic genius, and a skilled architect. She is also the 2nd protagonist in the original book series, and is one of the main heroes Heroes of the Olympus book series. She also appears as a side character in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard books.

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    Before Lightning Thief

    Annabeth is the child of Athena and Dr. Frederick Chase. After Athena left the family, Annabeth's father married another woman, who bought twin boys with her into the marriage. Despite the fact that her new mom was quite friendly, Annabeth found the situation quite distressing. The relationship was further strained after Annabeth started having horrible hallucinations of spiders during the night, due to the fact that she was a daughter of Athena. Because Annabeth's stepmother wasn't aware of her heritage, she thought that the whole thing was only a childish prank, even though Annabeth gave her proof on numerous occasions. After enduring 3 days of this, Annabeth decided enough was enough, and ran away from home. She then met Luke and Thalia, and they became close friends, even referring to each other as "family". It is hinted that Annabeth had a severe crush of Luke. Eventually, she and the others found a way to camp Halfblood, even though Thalia sacrifices herself to help them escape pursuing monsters.

    She spent 5 years at camp until meeting Percy and the events of Lightning Thief would take place.

    Lightning Thief

    Annabeth first appears in the book as the one to help heal Percy after his battle with the Minotaur. She then explained to him a few thing about the camp. In a game of capture the flag, she purposely leaves Percy as bait for the Ares cabin, but gets more than she asks for when Percy defeats 5 Are's kids with almost contemptuous ease. The camp later finds out the reason behind this is because Percy is a Son of Poseidon, giving him supreme control over water.

    When Percy goes on a quest to reclaim the Master Bolt, Annabeth and Grover accompany him. Along the way, the trio meet many out-of-the-ordinary challenges, including meeting Medusa (whom Percy beheads) fighting multiple monsters and getting trapped in the Lotus Casino, a magical place where time speeds up and all who enter the hotel are hypnotized and tricked into staying there for eternity.

    Throughout all these adventures their parentage made them clash time and time again. They eventually agree to truce on it and stop all the arguing.

    Eventually they arrive at their goal, Hades' realm. Annabeth helps them get past Cerberus (utilizing a rubber ball) and a confrontation happens between Hades and Percy which reveals that Hades did not only not steal the Lightning Bolt, but was robbed of his Helm of Darkness as well. Before anything violent can erupt, Annabeth and co escape using magic pearls given to them by one of Poseidon's helpers.

    Once out of the Underworld, the trio end up meeting Ares, the God of War. It is revealed that Are's was behind the whole thing, although he was actually taking orders from an even higher power (later shown to be Kronos, the Lord of Time). Percy then engages Ares in a swordfight, and emerges victorious.

    After the adventure, she decides to give living with her dad a second shot. Before leaving she tells Percy to wait on hunting Luke until she comes back next Summer to which he agrees.

    Sea of Monsters

    Annabeth first appears when she helps Percy and his brother Tyson defeat the Laistrygonians(Cannibal Giants), who were disguised as students in Percy's school. She then reveals to Percy she had gone searching for him to tell him about her nightmares.

    After a ride with the Fates, they arrive at Camp Halfblood where she with Percy and Tyson's help defeat the 3 Colchis Bulls. She reveals to Percy that Tyson is a Cyclops.

    A few days later Annabeth is asked by Percy what his last dream meant to which she tells him that the Golden Fleece is on the island and the 2 soon realize that it can cure Thalia's Tree. That Night, they mention the fleece, a quest is made, and Clarisse is given it.

    Annabeth joins Percy on this adventure along with Tyson and they go on the Princess Andromeda where they meet Luke who captures them. After a while they escape and Annabeth leads them to her mysterious camp hideout, one she had made with Thalia and Luke long before.

    Soon they are attacked by a Hydra, are saved by Clarisse and sail into the Sea of Monsters where the ship is destroyed and Tyson left for dead. After that they face Circe who Annabeth defeats and after bringing Percy back to his normal self they leave and meet the Sirens.

    Annabeth wanting to know more about herself decides to listen to their music...after saving her from getting killed by them she reveals her weakness is Hubris(or fatal pride) and tells Percy he is lucky he doesn't have it.

    They soon reach Polyphemus' island where they rescue Clarisse and Grove, find Tyson alive, and recover the fleece. They soon arrive in Florida where Clarrise is sent to the camp with the fleece.

    Unfortunately soon after, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson are captured by Luke and taken to the Princess Andromeda. Percy soon proves Chiron's innocence(by using a Iris Message and making Luke tell about his doing it). Percy then buys time for Clarisse by getting Luke to duel him. It is soon apparent that Luke far outclasses Percy in swordsmanship, and would have killed him, if by sheer luck, there hadn't been a pool on board.

    Chiron comes to their rescue with his relatives "The Party Ponies". Chiron is then rehired and the next day they find out that Kronos has tricked them all once again...he had planned for them to claim the fleece in order to bring Thalia back...another way to control the prophesy.

    Titan's Curse

    Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia meet up with Grover at Westover Hall, Maine where he has discovered 2 halfbloods together(a very rare occurance since their scent is twice as strong together and would have attracted monsters much sooner).

    The foursome, with the aid of Artemis and the Hunters, succeed in saving the two Halfbloods. However, they are not without casualties, as Annabeth tackles a Manticore, and causes both of them to tumble off a cliff.

    She then is only mentioned in Percy's dreams, where she was tricked by Luke and ended up being forced to hold the crushing weight of the Sky. However, before she can break down completely, Artemis takes the burden from her.

    Further into the story, she is mentioned is when Aphrodite and Ares arrives in a limo outside of the Junk yard of the gods. The Goddess of Love proceeds to start love talking Percy into how he and Annabeth will have such a romantic future.

    When Percy and the rest of the quest group arrive at Atlas's base, they find Annabeth bound and gagged next to Luke's feet. While Thalia is fighting Luke, Percy hatches a daring plan that succeeds and saves both Annabeth and the God Artemis. Afterwards, much to everyone's surprise, Annabeth's dad flies in with his Sopwith Camel and destroys Luke's monster army with Celestial Bronze machine guns.

    During the battle everyone thinks, Thalia kicks Luke off a cliff, resulting in Luke falling a good 50 feet and landing on solid stone surface. Everyone believes Luke is dead, but Annabeth thinks otherwise, which annoys Percy. However, this is soon confirmed by Poseidon.

    Percy has a moment of pleading with Annabeth when he thinks Artemis is going to ask Annabeth to be her head hunter. He then is relieved when Artemis picks Thalia.

    When they arrive home Percy has the hard job of telling Nico of Bianca’s death…Nico then hates him and a ton of skeletons rise out of the ground. It soon becomes painfully obvious that he is a son of Hades and that the prophecy may not be about him after all. Percy then claims the prophecy for himself and has his friends vow not to tell anyone about who Nico’s Dad is.

    Battle of the Labyrnith

    She is first seen after Percy is escaping his school they are then seen at camp where they accidentally enter the Labyrnith.

    Annabeth is later given her first quest where they are to find Daedalus before Luke and his forces do. The Oracle gave her a prophecy which really disturbed her.

    Annabeth while in the Labyrnith is upset with how easy the challenge was from the Sphinx. They then meet Hephaestus who has them do a quest in order for them to get information. She then is forced to leave the Mt. St. Helens mission where she thinks Percy dies.

    After Percy's return she is jealous cause he was on Calypso's island. When Annabeth and Percy are forced to work with Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Annabeth is very offense with her remarks.

    After Kronos takes Percy's body she is very upset by it. She also participates at the battle of Camp Halfblood.

    Last Olympian

    Annabeth is amongst the Halfbloods fighting to save Mt. Olympus from Kronos' forces.

    She later during the fight takes a knife wound for Percy and saved his life. He then reveals to her the location of his Achille's heel. She states later on that Percy looks cute when worried.

    Annabeth is the first to realize what the prophecy meant and tells Percy to give her knife to Luke and Luke then dies soon after.

    After the battle Annabeth is rewarded by given the honor of repairing Mt. Olympus and giving it a make over job.

    Annabeth remembers after the battle that it is Percy's birthday and when Percy tries to tell her that he loves her, he tells her that she isn't making it easy for him to tell her to which she replies "I'll never make it easy for you" for which they kiss and Clarrise with a few other people toss them both in the river where they have "the best underwater kiss of all time".

    Annabeth and him at the end of the book leave camp and Percy says "for the first time I didn't look back"

    The Lost Hero

    Annabeth first appears in the book when she picks up Jason, Piper, and Leo. Annabeth was told by Hera to go find "the person with one shoe" who would help her find Percy who had gone missing.

    Once in Camp Halfblood she gives them a tour telling Piper who relationship with Jason was all a product of the Mist, she is also with Jason when he reveals that he is younger brother of Thalia.

    When the quest to find Hera began she was offered to join to which she refused saying she still needed to find Percy and that was her top priority.

    After Jason, Piper, and Leo return from their quest, Jason reveals that he is a roman halfblood from Camp Jupiter and how he is the Champion of said Camp. Annabeth then says that she is going to help find Camp Jupiter cause if Camp Jupiter's champ was traded to Camp Halfblood then Camp Halfblood's(Percy) was traded as well.

    Son of Neptune

    Throughout the book she is hunting for Percy and at the end, she is on the ship just outside of Camp Jupiter.

    Abilities and Traits

    Architect: Annabeth is a budding Architect who dreams of building something immense to last the ages. At the end of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series she is given permission to re-design Olympus itself.

    Skilled Tactician: Throughout the books she displays her skills as a master tactician, displaying surprisingly good feats of strategies and war-plans. This trait would undoubtedly come from her mother Athena the goddess of Wisdom and Strategy.

    Physical Abilities: Like almost all Heroes (or demigods) in the Percy Jackson series, Annabeth has enhanced strength and stamina beyond that of a normal human, as well as a natural battle state that gives them enhanced fighting skills and an innate ability to read Ancient Greek. Though this comes with the disadvantage of dyslexia, as their brains are "hard-wired" to understand Greek. The "natural battle state" is often mistaken for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), as half-bloods are in a constant state of awareness and find it difficult to keep still. It appears that - because she is a daughter of Athena, Annabeth has taught herself to negate the dyslexia, or at least decrease it's effects, as she has no trouble reading - unlike Percy.


    It was stated in "Sea of Monsters" that Annabeth's fatal flaw is Hubris, or pride.

    She also has a fear of spiders, having roots in the Athena/Arachne myth.

    Weapons and Items

    Bronze knife: classic Greek knife given to Annabeth by Luke Castellan when they first met. She carried it in battle in a sheath on her arm, until it was lost in Tartarus.

    Yankees baseball cap: A magic Yankees baseball cap given to Annabeth by her mother. It turns the wearer invisible. It stopped working in The Mark of Athena, but it has not been revealed if it works again.

    Daedalus' laptop: A gift from the ancient demigod inventor Daedalus. It was loaded with information, battle plans, and schematics, until it was lost in Tartarus.

    Video Shield: A magic shield that shows real-time footage of events as they are happening anywhere natural light is touching. It shrinks to the size of a saucer.


    Annabeth, like most Camp Half-Blood campers, usually wears an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. She always wears her Camp Half-Blood necklace with her dad's college ring and a red coral pendant from Percy on it. Sometimes she wears owl-shaped earrings.


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