Annabelle Riggs

    Character » Annabelle Riggs appears in 32 issues.

    Dr Annabelle Riggs is an archaeologist that specializes in obscure objects.

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    Annabelle Swoons
    Annabelle Swoons

    Dr. Annabelle Riggs grew up watching too many Indiana Jones-like movies and decided to become an archeologist herself. She has apparently known Misty Knight for quite some time, and the museum that she works for keeps Knight on retainer. She recently hired Misty to acquire various artifacts and the Daughter of the Dragon had a rocket shot at her for her trouble. Annabelle was looking at an archeological dig on what appeared to be a statue when she accidently activated it. The statue began emitting a song in a foreign language that the scientist did not recognize. In a matter of moments, the dead vikings that were buried in the ground rose and began attacking everyone at the dig site. Valkyrie, drawn by the song, arrived and aided Misty in fending off the undead horde. Annabelle, a lesbian, was immediately smitten by the swordmaiden. When Valkyrie noticed the statue, she had the doctor hand it over; Valkyrie destroyed the statue, much to the archeologist's dismay.

    In exchange for destroying the statue, Dr. Riggs insisted that Valkyrie take her with her on her mission. The Asgardian initially rejected this out of concern for the human's well-being, but Annabelle stood her ground and so, Valkyrie reluctantly agreed to allow both Annabelle and Misty Knight to accompany her.

    Annabelle travels with Valkyrie and Misty to Asgardia and along the way learns that she is not the first man or woman to kiss Valkyrie and that she thought nothing of it (much to Annabelle's disappointment). On Asgardia, she meets with The All Mother (Freyja, Gaea, and Idunn). As Valkyrie reports to the All Mother the meeting is interrupted by Hela. Hela chastises Valkyrie and beats Misty up for daring to attack her. Annabelle prepares to heft Valkyrie's sword in her defense but is stopped by Hippolyta, Hela's personal Warrior Woman.

    Annabelle is killed while trying to stop Valkyrie, who has found out that she was one of the original Doom Maidens. Valkyrie was the Maiden of Rage. Annabelle manages to return Valkyrie to her sense, but not before she is killed.

    Valkyrie feels intense grief over her death and with the help of Clea, a former Defender, returns Annabelle to life.There is a catch, however. Valkyrie and Annabelle now share one body. They switch back and forth between the two.

    Annabelle develops a relationship with Ren, an Inhuman, whose powers are awakened by the Terrigen bomb. Ren joins the Fearless Defenders.


    Dr. Annabelle Riggs is a Marvel comic book character created by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney, first appearing in the 2013 series Fearless Defenders, in the very first issue.


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