Anna Maria Marconi

    Character » Anna Maria Marconi appears in 119 issues.

    A chemistry and physics tutor who offers her help to Otto Octavius/Peter Parker.

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    Anna Maria Marconi is a bright-minded, fun-loving woman born with a growth disorder and remains very little for her age. This did not stop her from taking everything she wanted out of life. She became a student at Empire State University. She met Otto Octavius, in the body of Peter Parker, when the two went on a 'blind-date' together. They soon started dating.


    Anna Maria Marconi was created by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli and first fully appeared in Superior Spider-Man issue 5 (2013). She had however appeared one issue before in a cameo. The character is very special for it is one of the few 'little people' to be portrayed in comics in a very real manner with a lot of development in her character.

    Major Story Arcs

    Building a Company

    When Anna Maria joined Peter Parker (with Otto Octavius's mind) in the start-up of his own company, she did not know she would get into a world of trouble. For Otto had become the Superior Spider-Man and took out threads around the city with his Spider-Bots. While Anna Maria and Peter/Otto worked on the company, their romance blossomed and for the first time in both their lives, they felt true love.

    Goblin Nation

    During the Goblin Army assault on New York, Menace, in her human guise, approached Anna Maria saying that Mary Jane had sent her to get her out of the city safely. Otto also protected her whenever it was necessary.


    Eventually, Otto came clean to Anna Maria when she found out that the Peter Parker she had been dating was actually Otto Octavius. This caused a great deal of problems between the two, but Anna Maria remained with Otto/Peter despite of it. When Otto was eventually expelled out of Peter Parker's body, Anna Maria had difficulties adjusting to the new status quo. The man she saw in front of her looked like her boyfriend, but it was actually a completely different person. Peter soon expressed to her that he could not date her and that he was not the same person. Anna Maria on the other hand soon noticed how Peter was less indecisive then Otto.

    Working at Parker Industries

    The two have remained close friends and Anna Maria now still works at the new Parker Industries. While she does not reveal it, she still has some feelings for Peter/Otto.


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