Anna Kapplebaum

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    One of Steve Rogers's closest friend.

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    Anna Kapplebaum was a young, Jewish girl during World War II and placed in a concentration camp in Diebenwald where she witnessed her parents getting beaten to death by some guards. She was forced to play in a band while her people died. She was then selected by a General to entertain him. Anna fought back, but the general ordered Klaus Mendelhaus to break her.

    Anna would be rescued by Captain America. She was one of the last survivors of Diebenwald.


    Anna Kapplebaum was created by Chris Claremont, Sal Buscema and Don Perlin in 1979 and first appeared in Captain America # 237.

    Major Story Arcs

    Eventually get married and move to America. Years later, Steve Rogers would move into the same apartment building in New York where Anna would be a dear friend and neighbor.

    When she was at Brooklyn General Hospital, Aaron Heller "The Nazi Hunter" and her daughter, Marie Heller, visited her and asked her help to catch Klaus Mendelhaus who had escaped to America.


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