Anna Fortune

    Character » Anna Fortune appears in 18 issues.

    A mysterious girl currently part of the JSA All-stars.

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    Not much is known about Anna Fortune. She is a minor wizard who showed up to save the JSA-All Stars during their battle with Johnny Sorrow and the King of Tears, and has now apparently joined the team. She accidentally brought the King of Tears from the Subtle Realms to Earth before Johnny could kill Stargirl, who were in the Subtle Realms.She claims to have been helped out of a tough spot by the current Doctor Fate, and as means of paying him back, he wants her to help the All-Stars. She is possibly from a different time period, as she states she has never seen a plane, and has only flown in hot air balloons before and a dragon.  In the recent battle, with the Gods in Parador, Anna referenced having open sewers, plagues, slavery,  and no strawberries in winter.
    When the recent battle that the All-Stars was over. Atom Smasher asked how old she was. She said she was either 26 or one- hundred  and eighty seven years old pending on the time frame that she is based from.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Unlike most traditional mages, such as Dr. Fate and Zatanna, Anna Fortune's spells are not cast through reciting spells or words of power. Instead it appears her spellcraft is centred around her wrist mounted gun and the enchanted bullets she loads it with, each having a specific effect according to the bullet loaded. Some are expended readily, but some appear to be a rare variety, such as the bullet that ultimately saved King Chimera from having seen Johnny Sorrow's face, that Anna asked the others to think carefully before asking her to use it.

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