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Ann Weying was a successful lawyer and the ex-wife of Eddie Brock ( Venom). When Eddie kidnaps Richard and Mary Parker in order to lead Spider-Man into a trap, Ann revealed Eddie's history to Spider-Man: how he struggled to gain his father's approval, and his mental downfall after losing his job as a reporter. When Spider-Man confronts Venom, Ann arrives on the scene in an effort to try to talk some sense into Eddie, but is caught in the middle of a three way battle between Spidey, Venom, and the Wild Pack, and is nearly killed when the Wild Pack knocked over a Ferris Wheel which nearly crushed Ann. Thanks to Venom and Spider-Man's combined efforts her life was saved, leading to a truce between the two.


Ann first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #375 in March 1993 and was created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley.

Major Story Arcs

Ann Weying (She-Venom)
Ann Weying (She-Venom)

When Sin-Eater shoots Ann, Eddie temporarily separates from the symbiote and has the alien bond with Ann in order to heal her, making her into She-Venom. While bonded to the symbiote, when Big Brown and Junior attack her and Eddie, Ann viciously tears apart the two thugs and is horrified at the sight of their bodies after the symbiote returned to Eddie.

She is later incarcerated by the police under false charges. Using her one phone call, Ann calls Eddie and tells him not to come for her. Eddie promises, but instead sends a symbiote through the phonelines. It bonds to her and she breaks out of prison. Ann is still coping with the experience of the symbiote bonding to her and having Eddie back in her life. When Eddie transforms into Venom before her very eyes, she can't take it any more and commits suicide by jumping off her high rise apartment.

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