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Major Story Arcs

Blood of the Demon

One Year Later

For more information see: One Year Later

During the events of One Year Later, Anjeli is horribly burned, she is taken to Gotham Medical. There while in ICU, Morgaine Le Fey, tries to kidnap her but is stopped by Entrigan. Randu, with his sight now returned takes Anjeli home where she hides in her room, avoiding Randu, fearing that if he sees her he will no longer love her.

One night Randu, while controling a Entrigan copy, has a stroke. Anjeli tries to help him but nothing she does seems to help her husband. This is when a strange woman shows up and offers to help. She explains she is a wish granter, but it will come at a price. Anjeli agrees and the woman heals Randu. Randu thanks his wife and makes a wish of his own. He wishes for Anjeli to regain her beauty. The Wish Granter grants the wish but takes away Randu's eyesight, as her payment. Then the Wish Granter, and her brother, who recently arrives tries to make Anjeli make another wish, and Anjeli wishes that Entrigan would come and aid her and Randu.

The Demon fights with the Wish Granters, revealed to be Wish Mongers. He forces them to grant his wish that he had never met Jason Blood, thus making it so that Randu and Anjeli never met the Demon. This wish bends reality so that Anjeli and Randu live full lives together as UN Ambassadors.


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