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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

The Story:

A string of brutal vampire murders have occurred in St. Louis. The police require the assistance of the animator Anita Blake to help solve these crimes. Anita Blake teams up with Manny Rodriguez and Edward to take on the group of vampire serial killers led by the psychotic Valentine. 

My Thoughts:

This story serves as the prequel to Laurel K. Hamilton's famous Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series which has been adapted into comic format. The story was written by Laurell K. Hamilton and her husband Jonathon Green. I'm not much of a vampire fan at all but I decided to give this comic a try and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it a lot. 

The story centers around Anita Blake, an animator (zombie raiser) who was called upon by local authorities to help solve some recent vampire murders. The police enlisted her help due to her special abilities and experience dealing with vampires. Anita is easily a likable character. While we've only just scratched her surface, there's definitely a lot more to her character then we've learned thus far.

This volume is only two issues so we don't learn a lot about all the characters but enough to leave you curious and eager to read the series further. The mysterious Edward was a standout character for me. I would definitely like to find out more about him and learn about his relationship with Anita that seems to be a little sour.

The art is done by Wellington Alves who does a pretty decent job. Much praise must go to Color Dojo for coloring the artwork very nicely. I really enjoyed the style of art and found it to be a great fit for this vampire story. Brett Booth's covers were amazingly beautiful and are worth the price of this book alone.

If you're into vampires then I would recommend reading this series. It's different than your average vampire story. If you're a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton's novels than you'll definitely enjoy visually seeing them in comic format.

Rating: 3.5/5

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