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The Charmer

The Story: 

Anita is called upon by Dolph to investigate another vampire murder. What makes this one so bizarre is that the corpse has bite marks by at least three different vampires.  

My Thoughts:

This is the beginning the the third story arc in the Anita Blake comic series that has been adapted from the novels which were written by Laurell K. Hamilton. The adaption is done by Jess Ruffner-Booth with the art by Ron Lim. The story arc is called "Circus Of The Damned" which would signify that the circus should play a significant role in the story. While a major and bizarre event occurs at the circus, we don't really find anything out about the place. You would think that certain mysteries about the place would unravel and play a pivotal part in the story. Whether that happens or not eventually remains to be seen. Most of this story centers around another vampire murder which appears to have been killed by a group of vampires. From there it's mostly about Anita investigating the murder trying to find out anything she can which leads her to the circus. It was still a nice start to the story which continues to develop and focus on the relationship and connection of Anita and Jean-Claude. Other than that we don't get many answers to the murder yet. It's easy to see there's a lot more going on that has yet to be revealed.

One thing I didn't like about this comic was the lack of an exciting ending. No cliffhanger to get you excited for what happens next. Regardless of that I am still excited to continue reading because I'm a big fan of the series. But for any new readers jumping into the series, they weren't really given much of a reason to come back. 

Ron Lim does a great job on the artwork once again. He's one of the reasons I enjoy this series so much. I know that the art is always going to be great when I see his name appear in the credits. I love the coloring style this series has and the way the panels are laid out. Brett Booth is once again the cover artist who delivers some of the most beautiful covers.

While it's not the most eventful this series has been, it still offers a lot of character development and a little build-up for bigger things to come. I still recommend reading this for anyone who's into vampires. There's no other series out there quite like this. 

Rating: 4/5

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