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Animus true origins are unknown, although he is typically considered a demon, he may be a mutant or mutated human. Many people have used the title of Hate-Monger including Animus who went by that title whilst selling weapons, armor and technology intending them to be used to incite hate and vitriol. During this time Animus also associated with the Sons of the Serpent. Animus would supply the Sons of the Serpents with advanced weaponry. Animus has also supplied the Las Angelus based gang the War Machines with advanced weaponry.      


Animus is a Marvel comic book character and was created by Fabian Nicieza and Steve Epting in 1991 and first appeared in The Avengers # 341. 

Powers and Abilities

Animus has demonic like powers and can feed on hate and anger. Empowered by these emotions, Animus can also manipulate and increase the hate and anger present in others. Animus possesses shape shifting abilities, highly resistant to conventional injury and he may in fact be immortal. Animus also can project illusions.  
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 6' 0" 
Weight: 195 lbs 
Eyes: Red 
Hair: Brown    

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