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Founded by Bert Vaughn, Animators Inc. is the only zombie-raising firm in the Midwest. It is located in St. Louis, Missouri. It started out in a spare room above a garage, but moved a few years later to an office building shared with a real estate company, lawyers, a marriage counselor, psychologists, and plastic surgeons. The firm consists of a reception room and three offices. Bert thought homey, calm feel for the clients, so the wallpaper in the office is pale green (reception) and blue (offices). Bert chose the smallest office for himself and the other two offices are shared between the four animators:

Anita Blake: Most powerful of the animators. She can raise 100+ year old zombies (rare talent), so Bert lets her have most of the publicity for the company. She is also a legal vampire hunter, hence the nickname "The Executioner".

Manny Rodriguez: A retired vampire hunter, Manny trained Anita to raise zombies and hunt vampires. Manny was almost killed by a vampire a few years ago, so his wife, Rosita, convinced him to stop hunting vampires for the sake of his life and his family.

Jamison Clarke: Jamison is very much so pro-vampire and tends to butt heads with Anita a lot.

Charles (last name unknown): Charles is a little squeamish when it comes to raising zombies, but does his job well and takes care of his four year old child.

The fee for raising a zombie depends on its age. A standard fee is somewhere around $3,000, but Bert makes his clients pay dearly for very old zombies. A 100 year old zombie would cost someone around $20,000 to have raised. Most corpses are raised for court purposes, mainly witnesses who died before they could testify. People also sometimes have a loved one raised so they can say their good-byes if they didn't get the chance.

Animators Inc. has two secretaries:

Mary: A fifty-something grandmother, who Anita swears uses a can of hairspray to keep her hair in place. Mary works the day shift.

Craig: Craig is the night-time secretary.


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