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'Twas The Day Before Christmas

 Cartoon Adaptation. 
Skippy Squirrel asks his aunt Slappy to read him a Christmas Story. She recites "The Night Before Christmas" adapted with an Animaniacs storyline, with Ralph the Guard as Santa Claus.  

Good Idea, Bad Idea

 A Christmas-themed version of the series' famous between-cartoon skit featuring Mr. Skullhead. 

The Taming Of The Screwy

Cartoon Adaptation.
A potential investor and billionaire Slim Pittman is visiting the Warner Bros. Studio, and he wants to meet everyone involved - including the Warners. The studio is throwing a star-studded party in honor of Mr. Pittman, and it's up to Dr. Scratchansniff to teach the kids to be polite and well-behaved. After having met Mr. Pittman, Plotz orders Scratchansniff to take the Warners away again before they ruin everything (despite behaving themselves), which doesn't go over well with the Warners. They return and throw the party into chaos. 
Mr. Plotz is convinced the whole party is ruined, until Mr. Pittman states he's having a great time with the Warners' antics and decides to finalize his investment - after they're done playing tag, that is.

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