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Fantastic Read

This was FANTASTIC! One of the best Grant Morrison books I've read in a long time. Usually Morrison can get very confusing at times, but this one is written clearly. You can also see all the influences other comic books had after this one was finished, especially with the entire fourth wall concept. I found it funny how the character in the book viewed us as the reader calling us "perverts" sometimes. If you like the fourth wall concept, this one is one of the good ones. Many comics try to attempt it, but it not as well done and kind of just a copy of this book. The only other comic book that came close and succeeded using the fourth wall that I've read before was Alan Moore's book Promethea. That comic made you feel like Promethea actually existed.

I first came to admire Animal Man in the series 52 DC comics did a few years back (not to be confused with the New 52's Animal Man which I have yet to read). I always seem to like his character though. I liked the fact he was a family man and just an all-around good person. Most comics in the late 80s and early 90s just get too weird and always seem to have an emo type of character. I was surprised to see Animal Man is a happily married man with two kids and a couple of pets. It even includes some family friends and neighbors. The artwork worked for the everyman type of comic too. It's nothing that special, but it simple and well detailed at times.

The one thing that stands out with this comic book among other is there isn't one issue that I didn't like. Many single issues stand out the most like Issues 5, 7, 6, 15, 19, and 26. Those are just fantastic reads and really show the power of Grant Morrison's writing. The entire comic you need to read from start to finish to get the point of it, but as I said before no issue that will leave you disappointed.

Whom would I recommend this too? Anyone who read comic books and wants to read a superhero comic that is just pure fun without all the sappy melodrama. The people who might enjoy this the best though are fans of Animal Man (obviously), people who want to read Morrison's first successful comic book, people who like animals, people who like the fourth wall and metafictional books, and mostly (as I said previously) people who just want a fun comic book to read.

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