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The rots in the red!

Art: This is probably the clearest issue so far. A lot more neat and understandable but still wild and sketchy. The hunters anatomy literally changes every panel and we got some quite sick and vivid looking drawings of him. It comes down to a matter of taste I suppose and I for one quite like it, although that cover....... Too much?

Plot: All hell breaks loose as Buddy scrambles to save his family from the hunter. As always it gets weird, very weird as Buddy is pushed to the limit. Francine once again shows us her power but it does not all go her way as we just see how powerful the rot really is. A plague is coming and they need help, but who is strong enough? The last page provides a terrific ending.

Wow what a pulsing and fast paced issue this was. Lots of running screaming and exclamation marks!!! As with all the issues before it the sense of family really comes through so strongly in this issue. Buddy puts it all on the line for his family and their is a great bond between all the members which is a testament to Jeff Lemire and his expert characterization. I said it in my review of Swamp Thing, there is something BIG building in this universe of the red, the green and the rot and you would be a fool for not taking part.

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