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Animal Man #14

Steve Pugh does a great job at keeping up the sketchy and craziness well. Assisted with Timothy Green II the change in art is almost unnoticeable. The action drawn in this issue is crazy and wild. The backgrounds that they draw really make the world look destroyed and ravaged and it really contributes to the feeling of the book. The story is more focused on action but we do get to see a lot of new things on Maxine's side of this. Buddy and the other survivors seeking refuge in the Red are attacked and it leads to this crazy battle where a lot of DCU heroes are brutally slaughtered. Maxine really grows into her own in this issue and the character is become a little more heroic instead of things happening to her. The deaths in this issue are sad and you will hope that there is a way to revert all this so they can go back to their happy existence. Jeff Lemire also plants a little clues that will no doubt be answered in the future and it really makes you want to know more about this new yet familiar world.  
Jeff Lemire likes John Constantine but I think his appearance in this issue was unnecessary especially because he talks alot and really takes over some parts of the issue. This issue really dumps all plot moving for action and while it did look good, itfeels like more time could have been used to move the story forward a bit more.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
I'm glad that I picked up Animal Man #1 and I've been happy to pick up every issues since. While we are in the crossover and are losing a little bit of the focus on Buddy, this series still is exceptional and will please most who read it. If you really want to get into Animal Man, this isn't a good issue to start, but pick up the trades because you will not regret it. I highly recommend this issue     and series to all.

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